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The Norman Berkhamsted Castle shows the changing political nature of the county, while the town gets its name from the earlier Anglo-Saxon 'hamstede' - homestead.

What’s in a place name?

The names of Hertfordshire’s towns, villages and natural features shine a light into the deep past, reflecting ancient religious beliefs, invasions and new settlers. Campaign to Protect Rural England Hertfordshire chairman Liz Hamilton explores

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St Mary's Church

Hitchin history walks

A walk through Hitchin will take you back centuries and in the footsteps of royalty, inventors and reformers. Sandra Smith meets two town guides passionate about its history both ancient and modern

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Elizabeth Somers with Tizzy the pony, Brook Cottage Farm Riding School

Things to do in Furneux Pelham

Sarah Hammill finds plenty of good reasons to visit this attractive East Herts village

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Damask Green Road looking north featuring the old bakery c1930

Weston’s hidden history

Religious Romans, a thieving giant, children bunking school to bring in crops and hangings by the roadside are all part of the history and folklore of Weston. Life-long resident Emily Walter looks through the archives of the desirable North Herts village

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Team GB's Jamie Nicholls in action at The Snow Centre. Photo: James Streater

The changing face of Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead is changing fast. Now home to two of the UK’s leading centres for extreme sports, it is also undergoing an ambitious five-year £30m regeneration plan. Ewan Foskett reports on the changing face of the country’s third new town

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Horse chestnuts are in abundance, while sweet chestnuts roasted make an unmistakably autumnal treat

September nature notes

A guide to what to look out for in the countryside and even your back garden this month

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Shenley Cricket Club pavilion

10 Things to do in...Shenley

Set high on a ridge and a popular location for the gentry, Shenley was home to some of the first commuters, who came to the Hertsmere village to escape London’s smog and smells. Today’s pretty village grew around Porters Park Estate and the old mansion still dominates the landscape. Julie Lucas find 10 things to entice you here

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Tufted vetch

Harmony in Composers Park

Countryside Management Service projects officer Paul Evans explains a project to allow people and wildlife to live in harmony at Composers Park in Elstree

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World War One British recruiting poster urging men to Enlist Now

The Great War: That rarest of places

Only one place in Hertfordshire saw all the men it sent to the Great War return home, a horrifying statistic that reveals the heavy cost the county, like all those across the British Isles, paid in the conflict. Stephen Roberts visits the Thankful Village of Puttenham

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On a break after completing a trench

Never such innocence again: Berkhamsted’s First World War training camp

Tramp along one of the mysterious gulleys that criss-cross pretty common land near Berkhamsted and you will be following the footsteps of thousands of young men destined for the trenches of the Western Front. Campaign to Protect Rural England Hertfordshire chairman Elizabeth Hamilton walks the one-time World War I training camp

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Fish and Eels pub, Hoddesdon

10 things to do in Hoddesdon

From river walks and lazy pub afternoons to children’s adventure and the thrills of the race track, Hoddesdon makes for a fine day out. We pick 10 things to do in the Lea Valley town

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Air Force One, Sunil Pawar

Berkhamsted brilliance

Sandra Smith meets three artists putting Berkhamsted on the cultural map

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A wide strip of grassland beside a hedge - ideal hunting ground for kestrels and barn owls

An icon of the countryside

Hedgerows are synonymous with our countryside, shaping our landscapes, enriching its habitats and linking us to our past. Elizabeth Hamilton, Herts chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, gives a guide to their richness

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Haileybury College

Facts and legends of Hertford Heath

Killer ghosts, highway robbery and roaring supercars – 10 things you may not know about the village of Herford Heath

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Mosaic from Roman Verulamium

A world beneath our feet in St Albans

Countryside Management Service project officer Jon Collins goes in search of the deep roots of St Albans’ Verulamium Park, and outlines new projects bringing them to light

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Natalie Bird on Vishnu

Horse of the Year double

Two Hertfordshire amateur riders have qualified for the 2014 Horse of the Year Show at the Birmingham NEC in October

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