Boxing clever with organic products in Harpenden

PUBLISHED: 10:18 15 February 2010 | UPDATED: 15:45 20 February 2013

Stefan and Sally Povolotsky

Stefan and Sally Povolotsky

Saving the earth - food and drink editor Richard Cawthorne checks out a Harpenden couple's venture into the world of organic products

THE idea of having a weekly organic fruit and veg box delivered by a local supplier is not exactly new, but Harpenden-based Stefan and Sally Povolotsky reckon it still has enough legs to make a success of their new venture, I Go Organic.

Says Stefan, 'There is no chiller chain or franchise distribution involved here, just a local family promoting good local food.'

The couple started down their present path when they became concerned about what they were feeding their son. Stefan continues, 'We realised our food was travelling huge distances, in some cases thousands of unnecessary miles, and, alarmingly, that 'fresh fruit and vegetables' were highly processed and chemically treated to extend shelf life.

'We quit our jobs in the city - escaping dirt, grime and pollution in the process - and moved out to the Hertfordshire countryside. We don't live in a tepee and drink yak's milk, but we wanted to ensure our son had the best start possible.'

Inspired by Sally, a trained nutritionist, the Povolotskys set out to understand more about the origins and source of our food; the systems and treatments used to process it; the supply chain methods employed to get it to the front door, and the environmental impact of it all on the planet.

Says Stefan, 'The truth was quite shocking and prompted us to seek an alternative solution that embraces local, organic, seasonal fresh foods. They not only taste fantastic but provide improved nutritional value, low food miles, ethical sourcing and traceability, fair prices for farmers and reduced environmental impact for everyone's sake.'

To launch I Go Organic, Sally and Stefan have now set up their own sources of supply, working with farms around Hertfordshire and into Norfolk and Suffolk, and are also adding special items such as Oleifera rape seed oil from Northumberland, herbs, juices, household cleaning and organic bodycare products. Another feature is Good African Coffee, a 'down-to-earth' company based in Uganda which puts 50 per cent of all profits straight back into the community.

Sally adds, 'We know our produce is fresh and we walk the fields it is grown on. We have scoured the local countryside in our search for organic products and all our groceries have been stringently tested - mostly at evenings and weekends with family and friends - and come highly recommended.'

I Go Organic's weekly deliveries range from a small vegetable box at 9 or small fruit bag at 4.50 to a family-size mixed box at 25.

I Go Organic
Enterprise House
Roundwood Lan
Harpenden AL5 3BW
08453 716151

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