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PUBLISHED: 09:18 05 May 2016 | UPDATED: 09:18 05 May 2016

Auberge du Lac's blood orange & chilli daiquiri

Auberge du Lac's blood orange & chilli daiquiri


Laura Vickers learns the art of the cocktail with the Auberge du Lac’s cocktail expert Adam Msetfi

If you’ve ever fancied becoming a master of mixology, now’s your chance. Cocktail expert Adam Msetfi is hosting a series of masterclasses at Auberge du Lac near Welwyn. The monthly classes each have a different theme; this month it’s Summer Classics, with future classes entitled Prohibition, Infusions and Inventions, and All Things Pink.

Drinks featured include classic recipes and also Msetfi’s own creations. ‘Even before I could legally drink, I loved creating flavours,’ he explains. ‘I have two processes for creating a cocktail; either I think of a flavour and mix things to create it or I focus on the base spirit and think of how I can add things to enhance the best aspects of it.’

At the fun and informal evenings, participants learn professional techniques to create three cocktails – all of which they can drink (‘an incentive to make them well!’ Msetfi says).

‘I believe anyone can mix drinks. But to truly mix flavours and create something special, you need passion. I love to see the guests as passionate as I am when leaving the classes.’ 
Tickets are £40. For details, log on to

Adam Msetfi’s Blood Orange & Chilli Daiquiri


 50ml Mount Gay XO Rum (or other high-quality aged rum)

 2 blood oranges

 Chilli-infused sugar syrup. It’s made by infusing sugar syrup with a diced chilli covered in cling film. Let it cool and store in a container in the fridge. The longer it is left the more punch it packs – Msetfi’s is three weeks old.


 Place four blood orange segments in a cocktail shaker and gently crush with a muddler or wooden spoon handle.

 Squeeze the juice of half a lime through a strainer and add to the shaker along with the rum.

 Add around 25ml of chilli syrup (use more or less depending on how sweet or spicy you’ve made it).

 Add fresh ice, close the shaker and shake like crazy.

 Strain over fresh ice and garnish with blood orange zest and an organge segment.

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