The Braughing Sausage: a Herts favourite

PUBLISHED: 07:00 10 September 2016

Braughing Sausages

Braughing Sausages

Braughing Sausages

Sharon Struckman visits the factory of a sausage producer with an esteemed heritage

The Braughing Sausage is steeped in history and is now a favourite banger in the county and beyond.

With a balance of ingredients, quality shoulder pork, a good fill and a hint of spice complementing the pork without overpowering it, the result is a delicious and morish sausage.

From the 1920s the village of Braughing in East Herts had a butchers, but it was in 1954 when Douglas White and his wife Anna took it on and made their first Braughing Sausage (based on an old family recipe) that the place was put on the food map. Initially selling for one shilling and ten pence a pound, their blend of pork and seasoning proved to be popular with villagers and then the east of the county and soon established Braughing as a destination for sausage lovers from all over.

Since the early days the recipe has remained the same and the sausages are continue to be made using traditional methods. They are still made in small batches, on a daily basis, made fresh to order in all sizes from cocktails up to jumbos. These are delivered to stores or customer’s doors the following day, ensuring maximum flavour and quality. One thing that has changed dramatically is the quantity produced – more than 30,000 sausages are now sold each week.

I was lucky enough to visit the factory, now located in Newmarket, and was very impressed. They only use premium British pork shoulder meat with a bit of belly fat for optimum flavour. Then rusk and the ‘special’ seasoning is added which gives it its distinctive texture and taste. The Braughing Original Sausage is made with 65 per cent pork and there is now a Braughing Extra Sausage too, made with 75 per cent pork. As Braughing Sausages are made with natural casings they should never be pierced, allowing them to cook in their own juices.

The sausages can be found on many pub menus in the county and are available in Herts delicatessens and farm shops. Customers travel miles to stock up, so the company has endeavoured to increase the number of stockists to make it easier to buy. Many customers today prefer the ease and convenience of ordering online and receiving their sausages next day via a chilled courier.

D White Butchers is now owned by Musk’s, which holds a Royal Warrant, so Braughing joined another high quality and famous sausage brand.

The Braughing Sausage is sponsor of The Hertfordshire Food & Drink Awards 2016 Pub of the Year category.

For more information on Braughing Sausages, visit, email or call 01638 662626.

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