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PUBLISHED: 14:22 08 September 2014 | UPDATED: 14:22 08 September 2014

Cure and Simple bacon

Cure and Simple bacon


Sharon Struckman is bowled over by a bacon producer delivering from farm to door

Cure and Simple is a new company using traditional methods to produce an artisan product, combined with the latest technology to get it to customers. The trio behind the Great Hormead-based producer, Stephen Hargreaves, Charlie Pyper and Charlie’s amazing mother Di, have produced the most delicious bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And it can be ordered straight to your door and you don’t even have to be in to recieve it.

The meat, from a cross-breed of Duroc and Large White at Dingley Dell, a high-welfare Suffolk farm, is traditionally cured, with the process taking between eight to 12 days. First, the pork is flavoured with the finest herbs (from the company’s own herb garden) and spices according to their own recipes – choose from one of three delicious flavours: bourbon, old English or pancetta. All these natural cures are blended by hand and rubbed generously into the delicious pork. The loins are then immersed in salt and turned every few days to ensure the cure is spread evenly across the whole joint. The time taken is dependant on the size of the loin. After the flavours have worked their magic, the meat is air dried for a further week.

From pork to bacon through your door, the process takes around 22 days.

You can purchase these exquisite-tasting products online at The bacon is then delivered by Royal Mail first-class post (the product is chilled in transit) to arrive next morning. For a regular supply, set up an automatic billing plan (£5.95 for a 200g pack that will fit through your letter box) and it can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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