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PUBLISHED: 15:42 23 December 2015 | UPDATED: 15:42 23 December 2015

Tealicious teas

Tealicious teas


On the hunt for the perfect cuppa, Sharon Struckman finds a Tealicious brew

Louise Cliff and Katie Hamilton have been friends for years and have taken the time to enjoy many a pot of tea together. But having struggled to find a brew they really loved, a long conversation one summer’s afternoon led them on a quest for great teas and eventually to their own business offering specialist creations to discerning tea drinkers.

The pair spent many happy hours tasting teas from around the world before selecting some of the best. They then approached David Pearce, owner of their local farm shop, Pearce’s, near Puckeridge, who offered them the opportunity to supply tea to the café.

 It was a natural progression to offering the range in attractive 100gm packets and caddies for sale in Pearce’s shop and before they knew it the friends had a business, Tealicious, which enabled them to enjoy their passion and offer their discoveries to others. They now supply businesses around the UK.

 The Tealicious range includes British Brew, Darjeeling, Assam, Rwanda Green, Ceylon, Breakfast Blend, Afternoon Tea and Royal Reserve. I decided to try the British Brew. The appearance is bright with a reddish sparkle and the taste was astringent, strong and absolutely tealicious. Guided by Hamilton’s knowledge, I used fresh water – the secret of making a perfect pot of tea.

Visit Pearce’s Farm Shop or go to for a pack, then take time to sit, relax and enjoy these exquisite teas.

Sharon Struckman is a food writer and photographer at

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