The Fine Foodie: Choux Stoppers

PUBLISHED: 10:00 24 February 2016

Choux Stoppers

Choux Stoppers

sharon struckman

Not shy of a pun, Choux Stoppers has taken restaurant-quality desserts to the streets in a mobile kitchen. Sounds a little crazy? Sharon Struckman is smitten

Simon Northcott’s interest in baking has been there for as long as he can remember. As a child, he baked flapjacks with his mum and now in his early 30s his passion continues with an award-winning designer wedding cake business, Scarlett Loves Cake, named after his daughter. He can also boast reaching the final 25 in The Great British Bake Off.

As the food and restaurant scene turned its focus to street food, so Northcott decided to embrace this vibrant and exciting area. He kitted out a 1990s converted ambulance with top-of-the-range equipment with an idea to take restaurant -standard desserts – baked fresh and prepared to order – to Hertfordshire’s streets. Choux Stopper was born.

Northcott makes choux pastry buns and fills them with different flavoured creams and toppings. He has a seasonal menu, which generally consists of six flavours. Among flavours on offer when I visited at Hitchin Market were Salted Caramel (crème chantilly with salted caramel and chopped hazelnuts), Tirami-Choux (coffee rum cream with mascarpone, coffee and chocolate) and Chocolate Love (chocolate crème with chocolate sauce and fresh honey comb).

Presentation is every bit as important as the flavours, while everything he sells Northcott makes himself, from the honeycomb to the salted caramel.

I had the of pleasure of indulging in some of these heavenly treats and I can say without a shadow of a doubt they were divine.

You can find Choux Stopper at food festivals and farmers’ markets around the county. For one near you, see Faceboook, Twitter or

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