The fine foodie – our love for the banger

PUBLISHED: 10:31 14 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:49 14 January 2014

suasage and lentil casserole

suasage and lentil casserole


Herts food expert Sharon Struckman talks Hertfordshire sausages

Ronnie Macleod of The Hertford Porker, Hertford Farmers' Market sausage awardsRonnie Macleod of The Hertford Porker, Hertford Farmers' Market sausage awards

Sausages are, without doubt, a great British tradition, and teamed up with mash and gravy, one of our favourite dinners.

During British Sausage Week, to mark our love for the banger, Hertford Farmers’ Market hosted a competition among local producers, to showcase some of the county’s best sausages. Among these were delicious new recipes for spicy chicken, venison and caramelised onion sausage, as well as traditional pork.

The event provided plenty of opportunity to savour succulent, mouth-watering delights. Shoppers were asked to sample the range and vote for their favourite - keeping in mind taste, quality and diversity - of the new and traditional sausages presented to them.

As a fine foodie, I also cast my vote and was thrilled when my two choices turned out to be the winners! Congratulations to Catherine Smith from Foxholes Farm shop, who won the new recipe category for her pork and caramelised onion sausage, and to Ronnie MacLeod from The Hertford Porker who won the traditional pork sausage category. Both producers were deserving recipients of the coveted Hertford Farmers’ Market Banger Award.

Hertford Farmers' Market Sausage awardsHertford Farmers' Market Sausage awards

The pork sausage is one of the nation’s favourite foods, so it comes as no surprise to learn from that during the year to July 2013, we consumed 188,270 tonnes of sausages at home, costing £737.3m. That’s 87 per cent of British households buying bangers, with 45 per cent purchasing them at least every four weeks.

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