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Horoscopes for January by Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 12:38 05 January 2011 | UPDATED: 10:31 21 February 2013

Horoscopes for January by Patricia C Byron

Horoscopes for January by Patricia C Byron

Horoscopes for January by Patricia C Byron

JANUARY 2010By Patricia C Byron

Aries (21st March 20th April)
Getting back into working mode after Christmas is never easy, and as the embers of 2010 fade, there is no need whatsoever to look back; momentous and sparkling opportunities are yours for the taking. Professional enterprise seeds which were sown before the New Year will begin to take root and if ever there was a time to launch and watch your career take off it is this month. Few have the level of enthusiasm and determination an Aries displays, so cultivate some tact and ensure you do not ride rough-shod over those who you work closely with. Meanwhile, people and situations you thought had long since left your life could re-emerge bringing not just new-found confidence but also the chance to expand your life at every level. It is all good Aries!

Taurus (21stApril21stMay)
Whilst relationships appear to have been a thorn in your side in recent weeks, you should now find time to write your own agenda. So what better way than to start reinventing how you are seen in the world than with the Solar Eclipse on the 4th January. New projects are about to impinge on your working and personal relationships and are likely to involve travel and boost your career prospects. If surprising and innovative solutions to ease your partnership woes are stumbled on in the process, so much the better. Be mindful however, that there is likely to be some sacrifice to be made, which could be difficult to handle. However, the upside is that misunderstandings should clear up, and if ever there was a time to make demands it will be between the 8th and the 22nd when you have the capacity to be flavour of the month.

Gemini (22ndMay21st June)
As recent events surrounding partners and peers have caused much reflection and introspection, you should not be surprised by the events which surround the Solar Eclipse on the 4th. Others appear to have opportunities and even pipedreams uppermost in their minds, and unless you make a concerted effort to clear the air, all manner of tensions and misunderstandings could arise. As money matters appear to be very much under the spotlight, you may need to review and revisit a financial issue and in-depth discussions are likely around the 18th and 19th. Finally, if you need to improve your social life, consider joining new clubs, societies or even consider taking a course which will improve the relationships within your life as well as your professional prospects.

Cancer (22ndJune22nd July)
A new phase is about to emerge in a partnership. Whether it is of a personal nature, or one with those you are forced to have dealings with, there are likely to be wholesale changes in store over the course of the coming months. As others are galvanized into forcing those changes around the 11th, and career issues are brought to the surface, difficulties and contentious concerns still reign domestically. Issues which you thought had been resolved may need to be reviewed after the 21st as fresh information comes to light. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for a sea change surrounding your own standing in the world. Professional changes, potential promotion and social success is all due, so prepare yourself for change Cancer!

Leo (23rdJuly22nd August)
As 2010 recedes into the recesses of your mind, it is time for you to address your health and well being. So, take time to introduce a new health regime, which will affect your daily round as well as the working practice of your life. If you need to consult with those who can offer advice do so after 15th. As changes and difficulties surrounding your professional life and relationships are both under review, your finances and the things you value continue to be under frank discussion. Meanwhile, others have their own issues to deal with, so whilst differences surface around the emotional 19th, consider broadening your horizons through travel, and equipping yourself with new skill sets thereafter.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)
Recent planetary activity suggests you have been out of your comfort zone in recent weeks. Partnerships and professional issues have brought uncertainties to your door, causing a rethink and with finances the worse for wear after the Christmas spending spree, you could be forgiven for thinking that 2011 can only get better. So, you will be relieved to hear that you are likely to be encouraged by partners and peers to take poll position in proceedings around the 18th which will somehow revolve around a business or professional venture, or an agreement concerning offspring. Conversations, negotiations and finances are all under review, which will impinge on your own earnings and the things and people you hold dear.

Libra (24thSeptember23rdOctober)
As responsibilities to your home and family appear to be taking their toll, a potent new phase is about to emerge. Planetary activity on the 4th will herald the seeds of growth in a domestic arrangement which will impinge on your finances and those you have significant dealings with. The upside is that your daily routine is likely to change, so ensure you are ready to grasp the chance to further your ambitions when the opportunity arises particularly around the 11th. Meanwhile, as partners appear to be going from strength to strength professionally, take a leaf out of their book and start cultivating relationships with colleagues and those close. There is nothing to stop you as fresh ideas and projects are brought into the open by month end.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)
Of all the signs of the zodiac, few have the single-mindedness of a Scorpio, and this is a month in which to display the tenacity for which you are known. Extremely powerful planetary activity from the 4th will bring about a new phase in any professional project involving communication or travel which you have long since worked toward. Contracts and agreements are in the offing bringing success with others culminating around the 19th. You have others batting for you in spades now, so ensure you use the goodwill which you currently have. Meanwhile, your energies are likely to be taken up working in and around home... which should go some way to assist you in the new health regime which you will be undertaking from mid-month.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)
If Christmas has left your purse feeling worse for wear, it is timely that a new fiscal phase is about to emerge. Potential windfalls, sudden changes to your finances, and even what you consider to be valuable are all set to increase your bank balance as past efforts bear fruit. At the same time, advancement of some kind is likely in your professional or domestic life giving you the impetus to follow up on long-held ambitions. Changes or improvements to your home which you may have shelved will receive a welcome boost and if you are considering putting energies into some kind of new creative enterprise, or merely a hobby, use the time after the 22nd to enhance your chance of success. Meanwhile, relationships with children improve.

Capricorn (22ndDecember 20thJanuary)
Capricorn is considered to be the most conservative signs of the zodiac, but that quiet image belies a steely determination to get to the top. So, with the first Solar Eclipse in your sign for 19 years, planetary activity on the 4th suggests the seeds are being sown now which will alter your life. If things do not occur on the day, do not despair. What is important is that you set the wheels in motion for any enterprise which will launch the Capricorn brand in the coming months, particularly around the 11th and if that means reviewing professional issues after the 21st then do so. You may wish to consider too the domestic upheavals which are on the cards, as you either mull over changes which will be unavoidable later in the year. What is clear is that things are on the turn Capricorn, and you need to embrace these changes with all the muster you can.

Aquarius (21stJanuary19thFebruary)
As changes to your domestic arrangements have brought all sorts of difficulties to the fore, and with recent events having taken their toll on your health or wellbeing, it may be time to consider ways of improving your lot. Original breakthroughs to your most personal problems are in the offing and if you can use that most useful Aquarian asset of thinking outside of the box to find solutions, then so much the better. By 15th January you are likely to feel energised and ready to take on the world as fiery Mars enters your sign bringing action and a determination to achieve whatever you set your heart on. Just ensure you do not overstep the mark with partners around the 19th. After which you will have all the impetus you need to increase your social circle within your local community, particularly after the 22nd.

Pisces (20thFebruary20th March)
Just when you had given up on anything radical changing, unplanned and unexpected events are set to send your pulse racing in the first days of 2011. As your ruling planet Jupiter joins up with the innovative and unusual Uranus, coupled with a powerful Solar Eclipse on the 4th you should prepare yourself for a new phase in associations of all kinds which will affect your professional standing and reputation either through promotion, friendships or fresh opportunities. Whilst choices may be difficult, conflicts of interests are likely, and whilst financial issues need to be addressed around the 17th and 18th you should use the planetary activity of the 19th to bring fruition to your hopes and increase your confidence as well as adding pennies to your coffers.

Copyright Patricia C Byron www.patriciacbyron.com

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