Why Broxbourne's Paradise is perfect for all ages

PUBLISHED: 15:47 20 February 2012 | UPDATED: 21:04 20 February 2013

Why Broxbourne's Paradise is perfect for all ages

Why Broxbourne's Paradise is perfect for all ages

Liz Giroud and young son Hansen head for Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne

Liz Giroud and young son Hansen head for Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne

During half term I took my three-year-old son Hansen to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne. With it being around two years since my last visit I was very impressed.

The cabins at the entrance have been removed no doubt causing much less congestion during busy periods and a new safe crossing area installed between the zoo and the play area. This was manned at all times, providing a very safe crossing area.

We started the day meeting Aaron who gave me a little history on how his granddad came to buy the zoo back in the 1960s.

It sounds as though his granddad really put in everything, from his time, money and persuasiveness, to make Paradise Park succeed. And today it is clear that all the family are 110% behind the beliefs that turned the zoo around back in the 60s.

Our first visit was to see the lemurs up close. Both I and my son were able to go inside the large cage and feed grapes to the lemurs. Hansen was absolutely fascinated and was not fazed. He happily fed a lemur and let them jump on him.

We next visited park favourite Rocky the tiger where we were able to stroke him from behind the rails and up close this really is a beautiful animal. I have been lucky enough to go on a safari but even then you do not get this close to animals.

We were also able to meet the meerkats and it was nice to meet them again after doing an experience day two years ago. I am sure they recognised me!

The park, if you have not visited recently, now has high tree-top walkways where you can literally walk up on raised walkways where you can see the lions from a better viewpoint.

This means you can really get some great photographs and see lions, tigers, snow leopards from the best angle. You can even stop at Tiger Treetops coffee retreat for a coffee whilst you watch the tigers in a relaxed setting.

Of course the park has everything from meerkats, zebras, reptiles and alpacas but there are also farmyard animals, birds of prey and parrots too.

As well as the main zoo area, there is a childrens play area complete with a woodland railway, pirates cove, adventure land and funland. All of which make a perfect area to visit after you have had lunch in Safari Sams Diner or if you have used the picnic area outside.

They also run regular Meet the Keeper sessions and these take place at various times throughout the day.

We will definitely be visiting Paradise Park again as there are still things we didnt get to visit such as Paradise lagoon (paddling pool), Tumble Jungle (soft play) and the Speedway Museum.

If I could give a young family any advice on a visit to Paradise it would be to plan from the map which attractions you really want to see and not miss out on and combine some of the daily shows within your trip.

If one trip here is not enough (which it isnt) I would really recommend buying an annual pass which can be used 364 days a year. (Family ticket 2 adults, 2 children 250, prices as of February 2012).


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