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Your December 2010 Horoscopes

PUBLISHED: 00:16 08 January 2011 | UPDATED: 10:31 21 February 2013

Find out what's in store for you in December with Horoscopes from Patricia C Byron...

Aries (21st March 20th April)

This is a month to broaden your horizons through long distance travel and losing yourself in books, which is just the distraction you need as a potent New Moon on the 5th will highlight the stark differences between your most personal life and your professional standing. Relationship and close partnerships are under extreme pressure around the 6th and 7th, but the trade off is that your career and reputation goes from strength to strength as you introduce changes into your life. What is key here is that you do not overplay your hand, as this particularly powerful aspect can bring all manner of power plays into focus. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st will bring to light unexpected and unplanned events, which will start the New Year with a flourish.

Taurus (21stApril21stMay)

Recent events appear to have taken their toll on partnerships and those with whom you are close. So much so, that you may have needed to go back to basics and withdraw into your comfort zone. Events in the first week of December continue to prove to be difficult leaving you feeling alone and dejected. As others appear to be flying high and with an agenda of their own, some in-depth conversations, particularly where finances are involved, are needed to clear the air before the festive season gets underway. Whilst events around the 21st may prove difficult, and although matters may not be resolved, make your peace and put contentious issues on the back burner. There are significant changes in the first days of 2011 so dont waste what is left of 2010.

Gemini (22ndMay21stJune)

A new phase is about to emerge in a partnership. Whether it is a strictly professional one, or that of a more personal nature, (or both) the New Moon on the 5th will start a new chapter which will affect your finances. With this in mind, and with Mercury, your ruler turning retrograde for much of this month, you are likely to need to take some time to review facts and figures, particularly around the 14th when discussions are likely to get difficult, so have your answers ready. This is likely to have you feeling the worse for wear, particularly around the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st when differences are aired and endings are possible, so take time over the festivities to recharge those batteries. The first days of 2011 will start with a flourish!

Cancer (22ndJune22ndJuly)

Whilst this is a month to settle some kind of domestic or professional arrangement, it does give you and others the opportunity to look into the finer details of either a verbal or written understanding or agreement which has been placed on the table. Whichever it is, some kind of rethink is on the cards as disputes are brought into the open. With others seemingly calling the shots, you would be wise to consider ways of keeping the peace. Events around the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st will shine differences and bring emotional issues and even some surprising decisions to the fore. As changes are in the offing in the New Year, you should prepare yourself for an eventful 2011.

Leo (23rdJuly22ndAugust)

Most Leos are fair representatives of their sign: warm, glamorous with child-like enthusiasm, so it will take little to get you into the party atmosphere this year and with Venus planet of grace and charm in your domestic house, it is a time of socialising and decorating your home. Meanwhile, if you are considering entering some kind of creative enterprise, or hobby, now would be the perfect time to start sowing the seeds, putting plans into action and benefitting financially. As a particularly busy month seems evident, both at home and at work, you will need to run with some efficiency and if that means finding the most effective ways of operating then you will need to learn new skills, which is all forecast for the coming months.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

As domestic and professional issues are highlighted, you are likely to have the opportunity to shore up your career with the support of those in the driving seat particularly around the 4th. Then, with events around the 5th and 6th of December bringing fresh information to your door, most likely concerning finances, you will forced you to review previous actions and which could, in turn, alter facets of how you view yourself. Considerable introspection is likely to bring about some stark revelations and decisions, and have you questioning your loyalties over the Christmas period. Whilst you are unlikely to be in your comfort zone, instead of reflecting on the negative, gear yourself up for the sea change of events which is on the cards in the New Year.

Libra (24thSeptember23rdOctober)

As early December brings difficulties into the fray, and domestic responsibilities take their toll, ensure you do not allow others to take advantage. With tensions and the temperature rising in many areas of your life, you would do well to maintain your distance until after the 8th. Partners and those you have dealings with are likely to be particularly assertive, so it will be up to you to keep the peace. If that gets too much to deal with, take comfort in that you are likely to receive unexpected information and offers giving you more options than you know what to do with, so you will also have difficult and even painful choices to make. Events around the 21st will almost certainly bring matters to a head, so keep things cool, and prepare yourself for a Christmas to remember.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

The spotlight shines on your finances and all the things you hold dear and whilst money may be flowing out as fast as it is coming in, there appears to be significant backing from the great and the good. Powerful planetary activity on the 14th is likely to bring out the ambition in you, so prepare yourself for the discipline which will undoubtedly be needed to produce the results which you have worked so hard towards but be aware that your new found confidence may not bring sparkling harmony with others. It is not all hard work: the planet Venus surrounds you so take time to demonstrate your artistic flair and charm, which will have others eating out of your hand. If you are involved in anything of a creative nature, or have romance on the agenda, make hay Scorpio.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

As the Sun enjoys its annual transit in your sun-sign, it is your cue to reinvent yourself Sagittarius. From the first days of December you are likely to be in your element creatively, so get your festivities underway early this year. Meanwhile plans which you have to start a creative enterprise, hobby or pastime, will take on fresh impetus from mid-month. Be warned that finances are likely to play a large part in negotiations, particularly around the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st when differences of opinions and unforeseen shake-ups are likely to surface. Do not cast anything in stone as the New Year is likely to bring about sudden changes and unexpected events domestically and personally. In the meantime, you are likely to be in your element this Christmas, so enjoy Sag!

Capricorn (22ndDecember - 20thJanuary)

Whilst the Sun takes up its annual stay in the quietest house in your chart, current planetary activity suggests that this will be a far cry from a quiet time. With Mars, planet of action arriving in Capricorn for the first time in two years on the 7th, it will bring with a level of drive, ambition and determination to get your life in order. If it takes some deep, earnest conversation, and critical analysis of a situation, so much the better but be aware that those thoughts, words and deeds may mean you review your stance. Close friendships are also under focus and there could be difficulties in the days leading up to Christmas. Whilst changes are being considered domestically, your ambitions will ensure that you really are top of the festive tree.

Aquarius (21stJanuary19thFebruary)

Aquarius is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac, so what better time of year than to get yourself out and about setting the scene. With considerable success in the offing in any professional or creative role you are undertaking, and others seemingly eating out of your hand, you have all the flair to make the month sparkle. Which is great except there are flashes of discontent, as it becomes clear that a partners priorities are not the same as yours and differences are aired. Meanwhile, covert conversations and decisions concerning your career are taking place which will become evident in the New Year. This will alter any professional endeavour you are involved in and changes to your finances.

Pisces (20thFebruary20th March)

Whilst you have been waiting for the right time to strike either personally or professionally, all kinds of uncertainties, changes of heart and even reversals of decisions have played their part in bringing you to where you are now. So, with Jupiter, your ruler, now going direct for the first time in months, and a new chapter in how you are seen in the world about to emerge, you need to avail yourself to the potentials. There are likely to be financial issues to resolve, and some heated debates, but try not to overplay your hand, or allow those disagreements to scupper the leaps that you can now take. The proof of the pudding is unlikely to show itself before January 2011, and there will be moments of doubt, but grasp the nettle whilst you can Pisces.

Copyright Patricia C Byron


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