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Your February Horoscopes 2011

PUBLISHED: 15:03 27 January 2011 | UPDATED: 10:31 21 February 2013

Your February Horoscopes 2011 with Patricia C Byron...

Aries (21st March 20th April)

A new phase is about to emerge in an association. Whether it is of a strictly professional nature, or of a more intimate partnership, it is clear that the opportunities you crave to reinvent yourself will present themselves. Unplanned events and even chance meetings are all likely to contribute to this, and whilst unexpected alliances are in the offing, it is important that you keep your eye on the ball. Some things are not all that they seem, and events which surround the Full Moon on the 18th February will shine the lights on areas where there are likely to be misunderstandings which will undoubtedly impinge, in no uncertain terms, on relationships. This is a high-octane month Aries, so take what you can from it whilst staying true to yourself.

Taurus (21st April21st May)

How you are seen in the world is about to be reinvented. Whether you enter a new professional association, or stepping into a new personal relationship, events in early February suggests life is about to become exciting! You appear to be able to do no wrong now, and whilst Taureans are infamously stubborn, do not discount the idea of revisiting places, situations and people from the past as there are loose ends to tidy up. Differences of opinions are likely, but rest assured that you are held in high esteem and amicable agreements can be made. Finally, as partnerships are brought into focus around the 18th, ensure you give yourself space. Others may not see the situation as it is, and you may need to take time and display some practical reasoning before making some difficult decisions.

Gemini (22nd May21st June)

Your daily round, your relationships and even your friendships are all about to have an overhaul. Activity around the 3rd gives you the opportunities to branch out, with others seemingly hold all the cards, which is no bad thing except it means that you are going to have to use that most Gemini of traits, the art of communication. Whether you have to sell yourself, a concept, or your side of the story, you are going to need to hone your skills so others can see your viewpoint. Professional goals remain elusive, and if that means you having to retrace your steps, or review your stance then keep an open mind as the Full Moon on the 18th will bring to light any fly in the ointment which will affect you professionally as well as domestically.

Cancer (22nd June22nd July)

As the end of January brought about a sea change, there would seem to be a financial issue which is about to be revisited as new and innovative changes are underway. Issues surrounding assets, possessions and money are all about to enter a new phase, and if partners or those you have dealings with are revisiting a situation, it is with a view to restoring some balance. The potential for extra work abounds, but it will not be without its costs, and as differences continue to rankle, you may need to seek guidance from those who know better. Seemingly, others have the upper hand so you have no choice but to tow the line. Meanwhile, partners appear to have the opportunity to branch out bringing extra pennies to the purse.

Leo (23rd July22nd August)

Partnership issues have been challenging, so a new page is about to open which will enable you to start fitting pieces of a jigsaw together. Information and surprising communications is set to come your way in early February will start a tidal wave bringing all sorts of difficult issues to the fore. Whether you are in a formal relationship, a business partnership, or just have significant dealings with others, you are going to need to keep a tight rein on reality as words and deeds are not only under scrutiny, but open to misinterpretation and even misrepresentation. Keep cool, as this is a challenging month when all sort of difficulties are likely, and if events around the 18th bring more than you had bargained for, even you as a loyal Leo, may start thinking the unthinkable.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

As finances appear to be a hot topic this month, agreements which are put in place around the 3rd February will go some way in redressing the balance of your dwindling finances. Unexpected boosts and bonuses are in the offing, and, whilst they may involve new and innovative ways of earning a crust, it will galvanize you into high-energy mode which is what is needed to take advantage of the opportunities which are lending themselves now. However, a word of caution: unexpected issues are about to emerge within a partnership (be it working or social) and you need to keep your options open as hidden issues come to light around the 18th. Whilst you may be under the thumb, particularly after the 21st, ensure you dot the is and cross ts before making any long range decisions.

Libra (24th September - 23rd October)

Early February is likely to bring about significant changes within your home and partnerships. Some kind of creative project, romance or hobby which involves you and someone you have significant dealings with is likely to receive a boost and if that brings unexpected, but fortunate opportunities to your table, in the shape of pennies and plaudits then so much the better. As the seeds start to grow, you may need to keep your eye on finances and issues of importance, as by the 18th there could be stark differences between what you think is viable, and what others see. With the stresses and strains of domesticity still hampering your gallop, differences are likely to be aired, and whilst disagreements are never easy to overcome, there is significant good will on both sides to enable reconciliation.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

A project to reinvent your life brings mixed blessings. Planetary activity from the 3rd suggests that you are about to, at last, enter into a phase which you have long-since given up hope of ever achieving. Yet, all may not be quite as you would have hoped. The early days of February may well bring high energy levels to the fore, and even flirtations with the finer things in life, but equally, is likely to be fraught with a lack of clarity as to what it is you want. So whilst you ponder the choices now open to you, offers may need to be rescinded. An extremely potent Full Moon on the 18th will highlight all your fears, and if the uncovered truth is unpalatable, it could have you reversing decisions you never thought you would change. Differences are likely around the 25th.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

Communication appears to be uppermost in your chart this month, it would seem that you are about to encounter difficulties which will impinge on your home and your family. The New Moon on the 3rd suggests that you are likely to receive some kind of information, either concerning an offspring or some creative enterprise, which will affect the things you hold dear or your finances. As with most things, there are always two sides to every story, and you would be wise not to jump to foregone conclusions before deciding what stance to adopt particularly where relationships are involved. As clarity is brought to the equation later in the month, you are likely to distance yourself until the 25th when your ruler links with the brutally honest Pluto, giving you the wherewithal to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Capricorn (22nd December 20th January)

As recent events have left your purse feeling worse for wear, you will be pleased to hear that there is a new and innovative chapter about to emerge in your finances. Planetary activity from the 2nd is about to bring about an unexpected change which will impinge on not just your professional life, but also your domestic arrangements too. Whilst you are in the driving seat, ensure that you use the charm and persuasiveness that you have in abundance now, to steer matters to a successful conclusion. There are likely to be bones of financial contention to surmount, and there may be examples of others overplaying their hand, but you as a Capricorn, the sign which has business acumen in abundance, have the ability to map your own destiny and bring matters to fruition particularly after the 18th.

Aquarius (21st January19th February)

Rarely is there such a force for change as this month. Activity on the 2nd and an annual New Moon in your sign on the 3rd, and you have a cocktail of events which will affect how you are seen in the world, your health and even your professional life. One way or another, information and plans to reinvent yourself will get underway and fresh, ground breaking events will give you the opportunity to show what you are made of. If you need to seek advice from those who know better, in any specialist field, this is the time to do it, ensuring that they are aware of all of your outstanding issues, as you are forced to revisit old ground. Others may not wish to see things with the same clarity, but it is important that you stand your ground Aquarius.

Pisces (20th February20th March)

Covert activities appear to be underway, so it is important that you do your utmost to keep up to speed with plans that others have in store for you. While a new chapter in your earning potential and your assets is about to emerge, do not take anything as a done deal. Others have their own agenda, and whilst events on the 3rd February will sow the seeds for agreements, it is not until events unfold around the 18th when you will really be able to see the fruits of those discussions. Controversial and even emotional revelations are likely to come to the fore, and if that has you questioning your loyalties, it will not be without cause. You may not be able to see the wood for the trees, but by month end you will, particularly after a clash of opinions on the 25th.

Copyright Patricia C Byron www.patriciacbyron.com

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