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Your October Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 00:16 08 January 2011 | UPDATED: 10:30 21 February 2013

Your October Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Your October Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Find your Horoscope this month with Patricia C Byron...

Horoscopes October 2010
By Patricia C Byron

Aries (21st March 20th April)

Recent activity has brought about revolutionary events and stark realisations, forcing you to question your loyalties. So it is timely that this is a month when a new phase in a partnership or relationship is under focus and whilst you undoubtedly have partners eating out of your hand, particularly around the 3rd, you should prepare yourself for serious conversations and negotiations around the 7th. The status quo is about to alter so it is important that you negotiate any differences, either financial or otherwise, early in the month, as the Full Moon on the 23rd brings its own double edged sword into play and whilst it will bring you the freedom you so desire, it will not be without its moments of self-doubt.

Taurus (21stApril21stMay)

As a new dawn appears to be on the cards in early October, you would do well to take advantage of the events around the 7th when there is the opportunity for new, professional agreements and contracts. As you appear to have the support of the great and the good now, taking what is on offer will undoubtedly have an impact on your career, your earnings and your relationships with colleagues and friends alike. Meanwhile, as partnerships of all kinds appear to flourish, particularly around the 3rd, ensure that you never stray too far, as while partners march to the beat of their own drum this month, and new horizons beckon for them, it will not be without some difficulties, and your support will be needed.

Gemini (22ndMay21stJune)

As recent months have brought about much introspection it is worth making time to consider the new break which is starting to wing its way to you. Events and fast changing news in the first days of October will start the ball rolling on what could be some kind of agreement surrounding either an enterprise or an offspring, but which will impact on your domestic life. What is important here Gemini, is that you cast nothing in stone. Planetary activity around the Full Moon on the 23rd would suggest that although there are further avenues opening up in the near future, so you may have some difficult choices and some painful decisions to make.

Cancer (22ndJune22ndJuly)

As creative projects, involving hobbies and offspring all appear to be flourishing, your energies should be spent shoring up opportunities which should be paying dividends professionally and socially. Meanwhile, planetary activity around the 7th suggests that partners, or those you have close dealings with, are likely to have offers and contracts to consider which will impinge on finances. Some kind of agreement is in the offing, but not without some consideration about pennies and priorities. If you can offer advice, support and clarity it would be beneficial as the Full Moon on the 23rd could throw its own spanner in the works scuppering the best laid plans.

Leo (23rdJuly22ndAugust)

This is a month to get out and about Leo. Never one to hide your light under a bushel, you would do well to capitalise on current trends by visiting friends, societies, socialising or even enrolling on a new course. The New Moon on the 8th will start the ball rolling when terms can be agreed and put in place for you to benefit later. Creatively you appear to be undergoing something of a transformation domestically, so utilise the chance to redecorate, refurbish and renew your home. Meanwhile, partnerships of either a personal or professional nature - are well starred and could bring exceptional benefits to your table, so let nothing pass this month Leo as events around month end will highlight your talents for all to see.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)

With partnerships and close relationships of all kinds seemingly in abeyance, a New Moon signposts a new phase in a joint endeavour which will impact on your desires and even your finances. As your career and your daily round all appear to be under consideration, it is time then, to bring out that most Virgoan attention to detail, and work out what it is you want. Whilst you will have the upper hand temporarily, do not overplay it, as after the 3rd, the balance of power shifts and whilst there are many unexpected conversations and even clashes, it is not until the month end you will know where you are heading. It may not be nirvana but do not underestimate just how far you have come.

Libra (24thSeptember23rdOctober)

A delightful aspect between your ruler and Mars on the 3rd kicks off the month bringing with it a meeting of minds in any valued partnership and while others have the advantage, it should not deter you from taking the New Moon as a signpost to re-invent, or reignite any project you are involved in. As your energy is, and will be for some time, concentrated on all matters financial, it is important that you do not take your eye off a crucial new phase in an agreement which revolves around your domestic or professional life. It may not be plain sailing and as difficulties and tensions surface around the 23rd, others appear determined to go their own way. Leave them to it Libra. You have other fish to fry this month.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)

As the Sun takes up its annual place in the quietest house in your chart, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in for a quiet month. Not so Scorpio! With the intensity for which you are known, you appear to be galvanized and impressing all and sundry with the strides that you are taking to reinvent your life. With others seemingly under you spell, you would do well to capitalise on current goodwill, and whilst professionally, covert conversations are underway, take heed that all will become clear by month end. You have significant supporters from now until the end of the year, so while there is a conflict of interest and even regret around the 23rd, dont look back: there are new and greater horizons up ahead.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)

Recent events have thrown all sorts of elements into the domestic and professional fray which, in itself, suggests the unsettled nature of your existence. Whether it is affecting you, your partner or someone with whom you are close, what is apparent is these are uncertain times, and you need to go with the flow as much as you can. Unexpected conversations, reversals of decisions, and even changes of direction are all likely in the next couple of months, so take nothing and no one at face value. A new alliance or agreement which will affect your finances is in the offing, giving you the leeway to pursue alternative adventures in the near future.

Capricorn (22ndDecember 20thJanuary)

As professional changes appear on the cards, you are likely to encounter new colleagues who will further your ambitions. Not only that, there appears to be mutual admiration and appreciation between you, suggesting it could be a fruitful partnership. Information you receive around the 7th should sow the seeds for some kind of recognition, contract or appointment to take place which is all to the good, as you will need all the support you can get when financial difficulties rear their head later in the month. As any health issue you may be experiencing needs attending to, ensure that you are not pushing yourself too hard as you are likely to have a wake-up call in terms of your own wellbeing.

Aquarius (21stJanuary19thFebruary)

There appears to be no stopping you as professionally you can do no wrong this month, particularly if you are involved in a project which involves some kind of artistry or creativity. Added to which, you have the good fortune to have others batting for you, bringing with it the bonus of an improvement in your finances. Meanwhile, with a potent Full Moon on the 23rd highlighting differences, and as uncertainty still reigns in a health or partnership issue, it may be worth seeking advice or taking steps to raise awareness in any specialised field, even if that means taking a course to further your knowledge.

Pisces (20thFebruary20th March)

As the tail end of September and early October highlights major differences between you and another, it is important that you do not dismiss out of hand any proposals which are put your way. Close working and social relationships are under discussion and whilst you may not be firing on all cylinders or even thinking straight, what is key here is that you give others the time they need to reconsider the stance which they are adopting. They, too, have their own issues and pressures to deal with, and if your concerns are of a financial or material nature, wait until the week of the 18th to see what is on offer.

Copyright Patricia C Byron

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