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PUBLISHED: 13:00 02 February 2014 | UPDATED: 13:00 02 February 2014

Metro range

Metro range


Creating a kitchen that will add lasting value to a home is a real art. Derek Neil, MD of Silkwood Furniture in Welwyn Garden City suggests a range of ideas that will match a kitchen to the property and the owners’ needs

Choosing a new kitchen is something homeowners should take their time over – after all it is not an expense you want to repeat too often. 
An experienced bespoke kitchen manufacturer will offer a professional design service that will help clients look beyond the immediate trends for a style that is appropriate both to the shape and dimensions of your kitchen, but also to the age and style of your home. This can make the difference between a kitchen you want to live with and one you start re-planning as soon as it is installed.

If a home is relatively new, then the ultra-modern gloss finishes work exceptionally well and often a combination of wood and gloss, such as Metro gloss with walnut (above left), can be used to add an individual touch to a kitchen space. This two-tone effect creates a depth of finish that can make a very square or rectangular room feel more interesting and less uniform. These gloss and wood combinations are standing the test of time and have become a style in their own right – not like the short-lived stainless steel commercial-style kitchens that were all the rage for a year or so at the beginning of the century, which proved to be a short-lived fad.

It’s not just the cupboards and drawers homeowners should consider – choosing the right appliances for your new kitchen can often add a wow factor. Sleek appliances complement a modern gloss and wood finish beautifully. Induction and ceramic hobs, matching stacking ovens, steam ovens and built-in coffee makers from upmarket appliance manufacturers use smoked glass, black and silver finishes and, combined with granite or corian work surfaces, provide an effortless finish for the perfect modern kitchen.

Creating a kitchen that feels right for older properties can be trickier. Country kitchens work well in rural-style properties, and you may also want to consider an in-frame kitchen style, where each cupboard door and drawer is contained within an overall frame. Traditionally, in-frame kitchens have been a very expensive option but with a new manufacturing technique developed by Silkwood, the in-frame kitchen is now an affordable luxury. The Uno range of in-frame kitchens (above right) is available in any colour and with a range of door styles including Shaker, Country, Farmhouse and Flat.

Ultra-modern appliances don’t always work with a more traditional kitchen in an older property, so homeowners may want to consider range cookers, which look stunning in a painted or wood- finish kitchen, particularly where there is a chimney surround.

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