Bland or bold for a successful property sale?

PUBLISHED: 11:53 28 October 2014 | UPDATED: 11:59 28 October 2014

Viewers will want to be able to imagine themselves living in your property

Viewers will want to be able to imagine themselves living in your property


Su Snaith, head of estate agency at Harrison Murray, explains how to avoid a decor disaster when selling a home

We’ve all heard property experts talk about a ‘neutral décor’ being more appealing to potential buyers – but could plain walls, beige carpets and a lack of personal touches actually be detrimental to the sale of your home?

Viewers will want to be able to imagine themselves, along with their belongings, furniture and sense of style, at home in your property.

It’s easy to assume that offering a blank canvas will give viewers the opportunity to envisage themselves happily settled in. But a lack of homeliness can make a property feel unloved and empty. The exact opposite of what most buyers will want to feel when they enter their future home!

We all know that making a home clean and inviting for viewers will increase the prospects of a sale – but when it comes to the décor and the appearance of a home, it can be tricky to get the balance right between overly-personalised and cluttered and bland and unwelcoming.

Those looking to sell will need to look at their property from a prospective buyer’s point-of-view, which can be difficult, especially if you’ve lived in the same home for many years.

It is all about getting the balance right and getting the appearance of your home perfect for viewings with a spot of DIY or mini makeover. Start by de-cluttering your property and simplifying the décor.

Remember that what one person loves, another will hate. Pack away any outlandish artwork, furniture or furnishings ahead of viewings – that way, they’re ready for when you move but won’t stop viewers imagining their own personal touches in place.Do a bit of DIY and replace any statement wallpaper with more subtle paint. Choose a single colour for 
each room.

If your kitchen or bathroom has carpet, change this to hard flooring. Seeing carpet in these two areas of a home is often a pet hate of prospective buyers.

Make the most of natural light by simply pulling curtains back well and cleaning windows. If curtains and blinds are looking a bit old, send them to the dry cleaners or invest in a new set that are in keeping with your new, muted colour scheme.

When you’ve made your home feel open, spacious and light, it’s time to add a few hints of character and personality. It’s these that will make your property feel welcoming to viewers.

Don’t go overboard with patterned furnishings. A sofa in a bright pattern may be a little much, but a few brightly coloured cushions on a plain sofa will add life.

Opt for one accent colour per room and base your furnishings for that room on that colour.

Are there any big blank spaces in your property? This is an important point to remember, because you don’t want the home to feel empty. Consider filling any blank floor space with a rug that matches the colour scheme or place flowers in the centre of large tables to break up the space.

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