Flamstead's Majestic display is tall order for gardeners

PUBLISHED: 15:26 15 February 2010 | UPDATED: 14:52 20 February 2013

Majestic Trees

Majestic Trees

More than twelve acres of tall trees are on display at Majestic Trees' nursery at Flamstead. Philippa Pearson looks at the interesting collection and chooses five of the best for autumn colour

TREES are good plants to have in the garden. They provide interest, shade and colour, even produce, and are excellent for the environment as they filter out carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air.

Majestic Trees at Flamstead, near St Albans, is a specialist tree nursery offering an amazing range of trees of all varieties, shapes and sizes and has been supplying landscapers, garden designers and many organisations with specimen trees since 2002. More than 400 containerised trees are available at the nursery, each one individually selected by managing director Steve McCurdy, with heights ranging from one to 13 metres and pot sizes from 50 to 5,000 litres, which is around eight feet across and four feet deep.

Steve travels across Europe looking for unusual and interesting trees which, once back at the nursery, are given the Majestic treatment. This includes transferring them into Air-Pots, an advanced growing technique that promotes rapid production of healthy, fibrous roots via a clever 'made to measure' perforated container, textured like an egg box and made from recycled and re-usable plastic, that is individually cut to size for each tree's rootball. Trees establish faster when planted in their final growing positions and are more likely to succeed than conventional rigid container grown stock. Green issues have also been considered when it comes to watering as the nursery collects and recycles rainwater for this purpose, far better for the plants and environment.

For seriously big trees, this is the place to come although you will also find a good range of established trees for smaller gardens. Row upon row of tall evergreens including pine, fir, cedar, yew, holly, privet and cypress remind us just how useful conifers and other evergreen trees are in gardens, providing all year interest and colour and excellent screening.

There's a good selection of flowering, Mediterranean and multi-stemmed trees together with trees for special purposes, such as screening, and pleached trees. You can even buy an instant, mature beech hedge.

When choosing a tree, make sure you consider the aspect, planting position and purpose. You will find plenty of choice to screen buildings or create a feature, such as an alley of pleached limes, and ideas for focal ornamental trees.

I like to choose trees that give all year round interest from bark, foliage, flowers, fruit or shape. Maples fill all these categories: Acer griseum, the Paper Bark Maple, has peeling cinnamon coloured bark whilst Acer davidii, the Snake Bark Maple, has attractive green and white striped bark. Both have fabulous orange-brown autumn foliage and are suitable for smaller gardens.

Article taken from October issue of Hertfordshire Life

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