Perfect garden furniture guide for seating and dining

PUBLISHED: 12:08 07 July 2016 | UPDATED: 12:33 13 July 2016

Rustic wooden recliner under a tree - a perfect spot for relaxing

Rustic wooden recliner under a tree - a perfect spot for relaxing


Judy Shardlow’s horticultural advice for July

July is a month for relaxing in the garden. The weather at this time of year is too hot and dry for planting or re-organising, so take time to smell the flowers. Peaceful, tranquil seating and dining areas should be at the heart of every garden so it’s important to identify the right places in your garden for these as well as finding the perfect pieces of garden furniture. Ideally, every garden needs at least two seating areas, one in sun and one in full or partial shade. There’s nothing like taking your breakfast in a sunny spot in your garden, but by midday in July and August you’ll be longing for a patch of cool shade.

The other key factors to seating areas are security and comfort. To relax we have a primal need to feel safe, which in the garden translates into not feeling overlooked and having the protection of a wall or hedge to your back. For comfort on long summer days you’ll want to plump cushions and give yourself the stretching-out space that you also enjoy indoors.

Finally think about your garden style – contemporary gardens suit contemporary furniture, but Mediterranean-style gardens suit a more rustic look. Find something that fits your garden, but above all find furniture that’s so comfortable you’ll nod off while enjoying the peace.

Five things to do in the garden this month

Plant sweetcorn

It’s not too late to plant sweetcorn from seed. Try baby sweetcorn Mini Pop – delicious.

Divide irises

Divide bearded irises after flowering. When you replant, make sure that the ‘fan’ of foliage faces north-south to catch the fullest sun.

Sow salad seeds

Little and often is the secret to salads. Seeds will germinate in days if well-watered. Try Marshalls Bright and Spicy.

Pond care

If you have a pond, keep an eye on water levels and top up if needed. Algae can be treated with Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

Careful watering

Spring-planted trees and shrubs need to be checked regularly for signs of drought. Look out for tight, crispy and stressed looking foliage. Water thoroughly if needed.

Judy Shardlow is an RHS award-winning garden designer and coach.

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