The Gardening Coach: November 2015

PUBLISHED: 18:28 09 November 2015 | UPDATED: 09:21 10 November 2015

Wild rose shrub

Wild rose shrub


Tasks for the garden in November

November is a fine month for planting new roses. Investing a bit of time now will really pay off next summer when you’re enjoying your garden and admiring the sight and smell of some beautiful blooms. This autumn, I’ve been planting the stunning new shrub rose Rosa For Your Eyes Only, which caught my eye this summer at the Hampton Court Flower Show where it was crowned Rose of the Year.

I love these flowers, so the Rose Marquee at the show is my idea of heaven, and my eye was instantly drawn to this example. It’s described as pink with salmon or apricot tinges in the main body and with a deep, concentrated pink central eye. It is descended from wild plants in the Middle East, but it reminds me of our own wild dog rose Rosa canina (right), with its simple but beautiful five-petalled single flowers.

As a floribunda rose, it will flower its socks off from June to September with regular dead-heading, and it also has a light attractive smell and glossy disease-resistant foliage. Roses love clay soil, but the hardy heritage of this one means it will cope well in a range of soils and grow to about 90cm tall.

5 things to do in the garden this month

1. Plant tulips

Try stunning tulip Negrita planted in drifts

2. Much mulching

Hertfordshire winters are now mild enough that some cannas and dahlias can get through the cold successfully with a thick mulch of leaves or straw

3. Get organised

Tidy sheds, sharpen tools, and get lawnmowers serviced

4. Try something new

ow red broad bean Epicure now for beautiful red beans in spring that retain their colour after cooking.

5. Make leaf mould

Bundle wet leaves into a plastic sack, spike with a fork and leave behind the shed for 12-24 months for perfect, easy-made compost

Judy Shardlow is an RHS award-winning garden designer and coach. 01438 833858

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