Home Life: choosing the right tiles

PUBLISHED: 06:49 13 March 2015 | UPDATED: 06:49 13 March 2015

Stone & More Marfil range

Stone & More Marfil range


Neil Herring of Decor Tiles Watford gives his top tips for choosing the right tiles for your home

Before you start shopping and fall in love with a tile, make sure it is suitable for the area you want to install it in. You should consider the amount of wear your tiles will get, and their size and shape if there are lots of awkward corners to tile around – small, awkward spaces may benefit from small or mosaic tiles. And don’t forget safety when tiling a floor that may often be wet.

When tiles are installed they can look very different in the lighting in your home than they do in a showroom. So think about colours that complement what is already there. Trying to match a colour exactly will almost always fail; even if you have a colour scanned to get a match, the different materials and reflective properties will affect the end result.

We all love a bargain but good-quality tiles will last for years, so it’s always best to focus on quality as well as cost. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a budget (and stick to it), but in a year’s time the difference in cost between two tiles may seem insignificant and you will have to live with the poorer quality or slightly wrong look for many more years to come. Because tiles are so long lasting, treat them as an investment that adds value to your home.

Think carefully before you decide to install tiles yourself unless you already have experience. They are one of the areas of DIY that show up poor workmanship more than any other. If you are in any doubt, employ a professional tiler and get it done right.

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