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PUBLISHED: 17:26 14 April 2014 | UPDATED: 17:26 14 April 2014

Decor Tiles, Sahara

Decor Tiles, Sahara


Q: I want to add a wow factor to my living room without a complete makeover – what would add instant impact?

John Ladbury, boiling water on tapJohn Ladbury, boiling water on tap

A: John Darling of Darlings of Chelsea, St Albans, says, ‘An occasional chair adds drama instantly to any room. Be sure to be bold and brave with your style, colour, or upholstery - you do not want the chair to blend into the background. A Queen Ann adds an air of authority, while a fabulously quirky fabric chair, like the one pictured, adds an element of fun. An occasional chair carefully married to your existing look creates focus, welcomes you to sit down and creates a talking point.’


Q: There are so many choices of tile, which type should we use in our kitchen?

A: Neil Herring of Decor Tiles and Floors, Watford, advises, ‘The type of tile you need will depend on where you want it to go and what you want to achieve. Ceramic tiles are attractive, durable and fireproof, so a great choice for the areas of the kitchen around the cooker and where you might be placing hot pans. Porcelain tiles are stain resistant and require no sealing, so are very easy to maintain. Natural stone tiles can look beautiful and unique, particularly for the countertops.’

Darlings, Lenny ChairDarlings, Lenny Chair


Q: I’ve heard a lot about having boiling water on tap in the kitchen – isn’t this expensive to run?

A: David Ladbury of John Ladbury and Company, based in Welham Green, says, ‘Not at all. As the water comes straight from an independent, insulated tank under your worktop – so you use exactly the amount you need. A boiling tap can save on energy and space, and saves time when making tea, cooking pasta, boiling eggs and blanching vegetables. It is definitely the new ‘must have’ for many of our customers.’


Finesse Interiors, Romo Ortega RedFinesse Interiors, Romo Ortega Red

Q: How can we add new life to our sofa without spending too much money?

A: Sue Hall of Finesse Interiors in Baldock suggests, ‘The simplest and easiest solution is to add a new throw and new cushions. Depending on your room décor you could introduce a plain throw and then add some colourful cushions in various sizes and textures to add a layered feel and a visual focus to the room. There are some fabulous fabrics available, from luxurious textured velvets, embroidered silks and linens to wool checks and stripes. 
Cushions can be also be trimmed with pom-poms, beads or piping and made in numerous shapes and designs to suit any taste and combination.’

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