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PUBLISHED: 14:27 14 January 2010 | UPDATED: 15:06 20 February 2013

Choosing a bed or mattress is a decision not to be made lying down. Marie Hardingham checks out the latest trends in the bedroom

WE may not spend as much time there as in other rooms of the house but the decor of your bedroom and design or type of bed you choose is of the utmost importance. Your bedroom should be a cosy, warming retreat from the world where you can curl up and have a good night's sleep.
Whether you're looking for comfort, support or both, the mattress you choose will need careful consideration. While some people still prefer a traditional mattress with fillings like wool or cotton-felt, the large majority are now opting for memory foam, the leading trend to hit the high street.
The unique qualities of this revolutionary foam filling have made
it a popular choice overall, possibly making it a major vogue in the bedding industry to date. Its beneficial virtues make it a number one selection for many people suffering with back problems as it is temperature sensitive causing the foam cells to shift and shape, moulding them to every contour of the body and permitting the spine to stay in its natural position aiding a restful,
pain-free sleep.
Although a triumph and a fashionable filling, it may not be right for you.
You might prefer a pocket spring filling which offers all the same advantages but has a more traditional feel to it.
It's bedstead mania at the moment. Leather and faux suede bedsteads are the perfect way to add a lavish, contemporary feel to any bedroom. Metal bed frames are still proving popular and can really turn your bed into a centrepiece, adding a style with flourish. Bedsteads can be a less expensive option to the old favourite, the divan, but for a more practical design with storage drawers fitted, the divan is still a popular choice.

Glam it up

It's National Love Your Bed Week this month and our tips below will help you create and transform your bedroom into an idyllic haven to unwind and relax in.

1 Create a chic, contemporary look straight off the runway with night shades of dark blues and greens. Inject a splattering of black for sophistication.

2 Accessories are a simple makeover and can alter the look of a room in an instant. Add throws and scatter cushions for texture and a cosy welcoming feel.

3 For style and glamour a headboard with a strong design works wonders complementing your den and turning it into a lavish sanctuary.

4 Vintage chic is back. Bohemian florals will add a hint of romance while giving a laidback approach, but be careful, don't overdo the patterns.

5 Drape some plush velvet or faux fur around your boudoir for a sumptuous, extravagant twist.

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