Clever bathroom ideas

PUBLISHED: 13:00 24 March 2014 | UPDATED: 13:01 24 March 2014

Lifting cabinets off the floor takes the eye to the edge of the room and maximises floor space

Lifting cabinets off the floor takes the eye to the edge of the room and maximises floor space


Clever planning will make a bathroom design work, no matter how difficult the space may seem. Martin McDonagh, owner of Ripples in Harpenden, outlines some simple ideas that will make a big difference

If you’re thinking of improving your bathroom this year, but finding it hard to be inspired by the space, good design can create a heavenly sanctuary for you.

First of all, bath and shower position is very important. These are the largest items in the bathroom and will take up the most space. Start any redesign by positioning these.

‘Wet’ areas and walk through showers rather than traditional shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular. They create a boutique hotel feel to a bathroom and can easily be incorporated into the design.

To create a feeling of space, especially important in a smaller bathroom, use wall hung units. These keep everything off the floor and make the most of the size of the room because the eye is drawn to its edges. There are a comprehensive range of luxury European manufacturers offering units in many different sizes and colours.

For the desired ambience, lighting is a crucial part of any bathroom scheme. Down lights will give a general wash of light, but to create a more interesting scheme, consider placing coloured LED lights in alcoves or position them in the floor behind focal areas such as a freestanding bath to give a romantic touch.

When faced with limited space, problem or awkward areas, it is well worth considering made-to-measure products. So whether it is a sloping ceiling causing issues, or the desire to transform otherwise wasted space, there should be nothing stopping you.

Larger tiles can give a sense of depth to a bathroom - making the room look longer. Using the same tiles for floor and wall can create a seamless appearance, which will open up the space.

Consider modern radiators. There is a growing demand for coloured radiators rather than the more traditional chrome or white. Particularly fashionable are radiators in natural colours that complement tiles, and those in bright shades that add a splash of colour to the room.


Three top tips

1. Consider underfloor heating. It provides an efficient, silent heating solution.

2. Make the most of niche areas in the bathroom. There are always solutions to maximise space and storage.

3. Add impact by using glass mosaic tiles to define different areas in the bathroom.

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