PUBLISHED: 14:28 14 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:52 20 February 2013

Create a stylish family space

Create a stylish family space

Choosing a new kitchen is no easy task. How can it be hard-working, long-lasting and still effortlessly stylish? Sam Grey discovers how embracing modernity can enhance a tired family space

WHAT would you say if I told you that all the mess, the hungry moans of children and the endless pulling out of cupboards until you find the right saucepan could be eradicated from your family kitchen forever? You wouldn't believe me, right? The idea of a sleek, stylish modern space is the stuff of dreams - for unflustered professional couples living in trendy central London pads. That wouldn't work in a kitchen where children dump belongings and scavenge for food, I hear you say.
Well, you are wrong. Modern design and materials seen in glossy magazines are more conducive to family life than any other. Signs of everyday disorganisation stay happily out of sight, hated tasks become more bearable and the kitchen lasts year after year looking as good as new.
The look du jour is modern - clean lines, high gloss, glass, granite, integrated sinks and chunky taps - not a country-style pine dresser in sight. Work surfaces made of granite are integral to the style yet still incredibly practical. Not only can felt pen be wiped out in a second (which, let's face it, often comes in handy), but they are more difficult to damage with a hot pan than the cheaper laminate versions.
In place of out-dated tiles coloured glass makes a beautiful splashback. Behind the cooker and work surfaces, the bold coloured glass, in green, blue or perhaps red look amazing when the light reflects. Kitchen units with a high-gloss finish are most popular in black. What one might think would be quite a masculine look can be softened with rounded corners and fresh feminine wall colours.
The organisation of the cupboards is paramount, and not an inch should be used unwisely in a working family kitchen. Use functional cupboards, with designed magic corners. A series of rollers and shelves means everything is within easy reach.
Seating is important. For a modern look, why not have an island with adjustable dining area and stools? A stylish breakfast bar with a difference. That tatty old dining table, littered with post, homework and shopping, can be replaced with a sleek glass dining room table to complete the contemporary look which characterizes the room. After all, if you create a hub for family activity, there is no reason why it should not ooze luxury, style and, above all, useful practicality.

Article taken from October issue of Hertfordshire Life

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