PUBLISHED: 14:37 14 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:56 20 February 2013

Create a special ambiance with your lighting choices

Create a special ambiance with your lighting choices

Take time to make the right choices to ensure you get the right lighting for your needs and tastes

THERE are many options available when choosing lighting for a new home and a lot depends on personal style. Some people prefer their rooms to be darker or calmer while others prefer a brightly-lit room. Careful planning and consideration should be taken when choosing lighting, as the wrong choice can negatively impact the ambiance of the room.
When picking static light fixtures, there are so many choices. Wall lights can be built into the wall with decorative sconces or spotlights can be set into a ceiling. When it comes to floor and table lamps, the possibilities are endless.
Lamps can have interesting or exotic decorative shades, which can enhance the visual appeal and theme of the room. Accent lighting can be used to enhance pictures or plants, but it will not help brighten the room very well. Track lighting hangs from the ceiling and can be aimed at certain spots in the room.
Outdoor lighting is just as important. Patio lights and front door lights are common fixtures. Many people also choose to have motion sensor lights, which come on when a person walks in the path of the sensor. This is a security feature to deter burglars, as well as a convenience to the homeowner when walking towards a dark area of the home. If the house has a pool, pool lighting can look stunning and enhance safety.
Create mood lighting not only with dimmers, but also with coloured LED lights. LEDs are no longer the kitschy, flashy annoying lights that were used a few years ago - they are now used in light therapy, mood lighting, accent lighting and landscape lighting. LEDs are economic, environmentally friendly and provide for flexibility of design. Above all, LEDs are controllable. It is possible to decide the light in your home - blue to relax or red to create a romantic atmosphere.
With lighting you can play around to create just the right effects you need - whether you want to make a room seem larger or smaller, intimate or playful or whatever you may have in mind, the appropriate lighting can do the job
for you.

Ambient lighting
This refers to the general lighting
used in the entire room. When installing ambient lighting, it would
be advisable to fit it with intensity adjustments so you can have more flexibility in creating the desired effects for just about every occasion.

Local lighting
This type of lighting is needed to
make your tasks easier. Local lighting
is designed to make daily activities such as cooking, reading and shaving much more comfortable by providing the needed illumination.

Accent lighting
This type of lighting functions mainly
to smarten up a space, highlight an art object or other interesting pieces and/or bring attention to a preferred nook. For example, you can use accent lighting to direct your visitors' line of sight to a remarkable painting, sculpture or other works of art.
You could create interesting visual lines by highlighting the contour of your bookshelves or other fascinating architecture in the room. You can also put lighting below the floor and behind small pieces of furniture and direct it towards your walls to add a touch of drama in your room.

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