Update your kitchen for the new year

PUBLISHED: 09:09 10 January 2017 | UPDATED: 09:09 10 January 2017

Planet Furniture, Hitchin

Planet Furniture, Hitchin


Leanne Dunn of Planet Furniture in Hitchin says with clever updates you can revolutionise your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a refit

It’s often the case when we move into a place or after a period of time living somewhere that the kitchen is perfectly functional yet has become tired-looking. If your kitchen is in need of a refresh, but you can’t justify the expense of a new one (especially post-Christmas), a renovation is the ideal solution. By working with what you have and tapping into latest trends, you’ll be surprised at how different a kitchen can look.

Repainting units is the most effective renovation step. It makes sense to do this if you or the previous owner invested in solid wood cupboards that are still functioning well. At Planet, we are often asked to repaint a kitchen we fitted some years ago. Carcasses (cupboard frames) can be in tip-top condition, but the doors and worktops have suffered wear and tear.

Applying a new colour – two if you really want to be on-trend – and fitting a new set of handles (bronze copper or brass give a contemporary yet traditional finish) can revolutionise the look. If you’re unsure about what colour to choose, greys continue to top the charts while blues are starting to make an appearance. Do consider how natural light affects the room however. White will brighten any space.

If your kitchen has an island, make it a statement piece by choosing a darker shade, with a lighter one on the outer cabinets.

Tired tiles can dominate the look of a kitchen, especially behind a cooker, where they tend to collect hard-to-remove grease. Consider a glass or mirrored splashback for easy cleaning and a modern look.

While a refurbishment rather than a new kitchen, it’s still worth investing in professional assistance to get the job done properly. The kitchen is the heart of the home and worth the best care you can afford.

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