Top tips to keep your home more secure

PUBLISHED: 11:54 21 March 2016 | UPDATED: 10:46 06 September 2016

Simple steps can be taken to make your home less of a target for thieves

Simple steps can be taken to make your home less of a target for thieves


If you’re worried about home security, you’re in good company – it’s natural to want to protect your property. But by employing simple measures you can minimise the risk of a break-in. Home security expert Kevin Carloni outlines the options

The basics

How does your property look through the eyes of an intruder? It needs to be both impenetrable, with no easy entry points to tempt opportunists, and be difficult to access without being seen. So:

● Keep your doors and windows securely closed and locked when you are not home, even if you’re just popping out for a short while.

● If you’re going to be away overnight, don’t make it obvious. You could use a light switch timer to ensure your property doesn’t stay in darkness. Asking a neighbour to park a car in the drive will also indicate someone’s home, and if you have milk delivered ask a neighbour to take it in.

● One important way to keep your home secure is to keep valuables out of sight. Don’t tempt potential intruders by leaving cash or valuables in sight of a window and put high-value possessions away after use where possible. If you have a number of high-value items, consider storing them in a safe with a combination code.


Make it hard to 
approach unnoticed

● Eliminate shady areas like overgrown hedges that can offer cover.

● Make it noisy. Gravel is great for providing an audible alert that someone is outside.

● Light the way. Automatic security lighting that comes on when people approach your property will expose intruders and make them feel vulnerable.


Install a security system

When choosing products to keep your home secure it’s important to match the solution to your needs – so consider the property, the area you live in, and the amount you are willing to spend. When you have decided on a product or solution, it’s important to contact a reputable installer to ensure it is fitted correctly. There are many different home security options available, so here’s a quick guide to the security upgrades you should consider:

● There is a wide range of intruder alarms on the market that can act as a visual deterrent for potential burglars. From simple bell alarms to devices that will contact the police if triggered, there’s a plethora of sophisticated models to keep your home secure.

● CCTV gives out a strong sign that you are looking after the security of your property, as well as enabling you to check out any suspicions you may have. You can install cameras inside and outside your property.

● By connecting to your smartphone, today’s home security systems enable you to control an intruder alarm from afar. You can get a view of your home in real time and be automatically alerted to any suspicious activity.

● If you’re not content with traditional locks and bolts, think about investing in an access control system with a punch-in code to enter the home.


With security products improving all the time, security solutions like these have cut rates of burglary and other property crime substantially since the 1990s, so they are an effective deterrent. While it’s understandable to worry about burglaries and break-ins, there are simple steps we can all take to reduce vulnerability to intruders.


Kevin Carloni has over 20 years’ experience in locksmithery. His company, Fort Locks (, is a leading commercial and domestic locksmith covering Hertfordshire and London.

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