Tips for selling your house this summer

PUBLISHED: 09:58 05 August 2010 | UPDATED: 17:40 20 February 2013

Tips for selling your house this summer

Tips for selling your house this summer

For home sellers in the next few weeks, the number of people wanting to view properties will decrease. Hertfordshire Life has put together our top 10 tips of how to make your property stand out from the crowd

If your house is currently on the market, then you will know that 2010 has been a tricky year in the property business.

Firstly we had the snow, then the budget, then the General Election followed by uncertainty of the outcome. Then the summer sports season arrived and we were overtaken with World Cup Fever and Wimbledon, and now the summer is here.

The schools have finished until September, the roads are quiet and town centers seem fairly empty whilst everyone is enjoying their summer break.

For home sellers this means that in the next few weeks, the number of people wanting to view properties will decrease. Hertfordshire Life has put together our top 10 tips of how to make your property stand out from the crowd and hopefully the one they will want to buy. Small details make a big difference in encouraging people back up the path for a second viewing.

1. How Green is your Garden

Gardens need to be neat and tidy. Summer-dried brown patches on lawns ruin the effect of a pretty garden, so keep grass as green as possible. If potential buyers are about to march up the drive and you are stuck with a brown patch, strategically place some a few pretty pots on top of it. Dust down your table, chairs and parasol and set the scene of that your garden is a great place to relax and unwind.

2. First Impressions

Make the entrance hall enticing, so that potential buyers will want to see more of your home. If its cluttered, the first impression of the house is that its cramped, rather than open and spacious. Move unnecessary items such as an excessive number of coats hanging up and mounds of shoes on the floor. Try to create a clear open and bright space that creates a great first impression.

3. Show it as it is

Make sure every room shows its original purpose, for example if you dining room also doubles up as the childrens playroom then tidy the toys away for a few hours and recreate the dining room feel by setting the table. The same with the smallest bedroom, quite often this is used as a junk room or a study, make sure it is presented to match the description. If you have a garage, try to clear space so that a buyer can visual whether their car will fit.

4. Light & Bright

In darker rooms always try some subtle lighting with lamps to brighten the room. The brighter the room, the more spacious it will feel. Buyers will always be drawn to windows, so that they can see the view, so ensure these are sparkling clean and that window ledges are clear from clutter. Try to ensure that curtains are well pulled back to let in as much light as possible.

5. Bathrooms

Fresh towels and clean sinks, and the toilet seat down please. Make sure the laundry bin is not overflowing. If you have a glass shower screen try some of the special products available to remove watermarks thus giving a crystal clean finish. If you have an airing cupboard, try giving this a spring clean so that everything looks organised. For some unknown reason buyers always want to look in an airing cupboard.

6. Bedrooms

The tidier the better. Make the beds before your viewers arrive, try to de-clutter dressing tables and nightstands. Its particularly important to take everything off the floor as carpet clutter is the quickest way to make a room look smaller.

7. Little Ones

Your children and your pets are the most precious thing to you, but potential buyers may not have the same feeling. If you can, its always best to arrange for your buyers to visit when the rest of the family are out. Also remember dishes of pet food in the kitchen, especially in warm weather, are a complete turn-off, as are little accidents left on the lawn.

8. Price it Right

Know your competition, and be realistic. If the other houses in the street have a considerable price difference to yours then talk to your agent. Listen to their advice, there is now a considerable choice for buyers so take time to use their expertise and knowledge when it comes to selling houses. When having your house valued always invite 3 agents to visit your property and prepare a marketing plan for you. Dont always go with the highest price and do ask questions as to how they achieved this valuation.

9. Work with your Agent

Listen to their advice and use their services on offer. Open mornings/afternoons are now becoming increasingly popular way of attracting a lot of people through your door. If your agent offers accompanied viewings then let your agent bring the buyers and show your house. They will recognise interest and buying signals and most importantly they are sales people. Ask for feedback after each viewing and if the market goes quiet, keep in contact with your agent. If you are going on holiday, consider leaving your key with them so that you dont miss out on any potential viewings.

10. Consider an offer

If you achieve an offer, it is usually a genuine buyer that is interested in your property. Be flexible and consider what is put to you. Your agent will work with you to negotiate the best deal available. An offer a little below the asking price is better than nothing at all.

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