3 of Hertfordshire’s best villages

PUBLISHED: 11:59 21 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:12 21 March 2016

Three of the best in Hertfordshire Village of the Year

Three of the best in Hertfordshire Village of the Year

With just one week until the results are announced on June 28, we take a look at three of the villages hoping to be crowned the CPRE Hertfordshire Village of the Year


Over in the west of the County a much larger village, Kings Langley, is entering the competition for the first time. A recently-elected Parish Council believes in encouraging villagers to get involved and the competition provides a perfect focus for generating community spirit. They’re also planning a huge Party in the Park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Not that the villagers need too much encouragement. They have 360 clubs, societies and organisations, a vibrant High Street and low crime rates. The annual Christmas lights festival and Carnival on the Common attract thousands of people of all age groups. If Kings Langley wins some prize money, they’ll spend it on something which enhances this community spirit.     

Like the other two villages, Kings Langley is steeped in history. It was Edward III’s favourite residence in the 14th century. On the edge of the Chiltern Hills, it’s great walking country. The rivers and canals attract fishermen and there are a variety of local pubs for all ages to slake their thirsts afterwards. 

There is now just one week to go to find out which county community has been crowned the CPRE Hertfordshire Village of the Year.

The CPRE Hertfordshire Village of the Year 2012 competition is sponsored by Hertfordshire Community Foundation in association with Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Life and the Hertfordshire Mercury and the results will be announced on June 28.

Here we focus on just three of the hopeful entrants looking to win the prestigious Hertfordshire Village of the Year 2012 title, village trophy for a year and £500 in cash prizes.



Cottered is entering the competition for its third consecutive year. It’s a small, ancient village with a big heart, in the east of the county. Visitors to the village will see well-kept village greens, an abundance of trees lining the road, pretty thatched cottages and a reknowned local hostelry, the eighteenth century Bull pub.

One of the entry organisers, John Harwood Bee, says entering the competition had a profound effect on community spirit. People who had never considered volunteering became involved in community life. Winning the Hertfordshire Village of the Year East 2010 title on their first attempt proved motivational. The Cottered Appreciation Society was formed and gathered together a large team. The villagers will spend any prize money won this year on machinery to help maintain the village green, village outings and village activities.


Further to the east, Braughing is returning to the competition after a long gap. It won the Hertfordshire Village of the Year East title in 2002. Clive Marshall, one of the team organising the entry, thinks that the village  has built on its earlier success. With a good mix of residents who have lived there for decades plus an intake of new residents, he sees it as an opportunity to galvanise a new interest, not only in the competition but also in the many clubs and societies in Braughing.

Braughing is a picturesque village, frequently in demand as a film set, with its quaint high street, wealth of listed buildings and two fords. It dates back to the Iron Age, and was a Roman settlement on the main Colchester to London route. Whilst eager to preserve its heritage, the village is also forward-looking. Its Design Plan was adopted by North. Herts. as a model.

Prize money would be invested in the community for all to enjoy – planting bulbs and plants around the village for all to enjoy and sowing a wild flower meadow in the village orchard.

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