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PUBLISHED: 16:36 14 March 2011 | UPDATED: 19:00 20 February 2013

Lisa Morris, who runs Iyengar Yoga in Bushey, in mountain pose

Lisa Morris, who runs Iyengar Yoga in Bushey, in mountain pose

Nestled just on the outskirts of London, Bushey and Oxhey still retain the feeling of small town life where everybody knows everyone else. The two have a number of clubs and groups with strong membership numbers as Damion Roberts discovers

Keep fit

Yoga keeps you physically active. It keeps you fit, supple, flexible, and it keeps you healthy.
So says Lisa Morris, who runs Iyengar Yoga in Bushey.
When were young we get to move about in the way a body needs to, but as we get older those inhibitions we have stop us from moving that way.
When you try yoga you're able to work on
those positions and use your body in a way that keeps you healthy.
In Iyengar we use props to assist people who have injuries, strains and pains who maybe don't want to go to a regular class and these are not fast-paced classes. We hold and sustain postures and it's really good for the body.
Lisa has been running the class for three years and recently moved premises to Whitby Hall at St Hildas School in Bushey High Street having previously run the classes at Bushey Country Club.
Its a laid-back class and its a drop-in class, Lisa says. People do not have to come every week, but they come along, really enjoy themselves and really work hard to ease those tensions in their lives and I'm really proud to be able to help them with that.

Learn to dive

Fitness is also a positive side effect of Simon Calefs interest, scuba diving.
Simon is currently sitting his second year as the chairman of Bushey and Borehamwood Sub-Aqua Club which is based at Lincolnsfields Centre at Bushey and currently has 45 members.
Its actually a very sociable club and we get lots of locals coming along to learn how to dive as well as those who have already done it quite a few times and want to take their learning further.
Our club is at Lincolnsfields, but we dive all over the UK in places such as Cornwall and Devon as well as the occasional dive abroad.
Training is done in-house and obviously we try to keep the costs reasonable as we want to keep the club going but it really is good fun.
I always wanted to learn how to dive and I've had a fascination with being under water since I was a child. My other halfs dad is an ex-commercial diver, and that got me into it and she also dives and so does her brother.
Its great to be able to do it all together with people you really get on with.

Love your dog

Judy Swan spends a lot of time with those close to her, but they are of a different species.
Judy is their chairman of the Oxhey and
District branch of the British Association
for German Shepherd Dogs.
Essentially its pet training to help people with their dogs to get a nice, sociable animal, Judy says.
We have people whose dogs are usually rescue dogs and they might have a few problems with them and we try to help them and we have such a fun time.
The branch is about 45 years old and Ive been involved for 20 or so years and we have regular dog owners who come back week on week, year on year and sometimes, after their pets have gone, we sometimes see them coming back later with new dogs.
Mrs Swan welcomes dog owners from as far afield as Leighton Buzzard and Middlesex, but when the club holds its own in-house competitions competitors come from much further afield.
They come from all over the UK, and in-house competitions are actually open to any type of dog but I do love German Shepherds.
They are a very special dog, not like any other. They are dogs which tend to think for themselves and they can really outwit you. They're just fun to be around.

Did you know...

William Jerdan, the man who apprehended Prime Minister Spencer Perceval's assassin John Bellingham in the lobby at Westminster in 1812, is buried in the churchyard at Bushey.

Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon was born at Bushey Maternity Hospital in 1958.

George Michael and Wham! Collaborator Andrew Ridgeley both attended Bushey Meads School.

BBC2 cameras visited Oxhey in 2009 when choirmaster Gareth Malone set up the South Oxhey Community Choir for his TV show The Choir: Unsung Town

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