Dane End: Getting to know you

PUBLISHED: 17:07 15 February 2010 | UPDATED: 15:40 20 February 2013

Danes end

Danes end

Dane End is full of people who have so much to say about their village, as Jessica Clark discovers...

Dane End is at the heart of a collection of hamlets and villages that make up the small parish of Little Munden. Tucked away in rural east Hertfordshire, the desirable village marks the end of a valley, from which it took its name. Surrounded by lush green countryside it's easy to see why the local community appreciates their home so much.
Pub landlord Rob Sylvester, 64, has been serving pints at the Rest and Welcome in Haultwick for 30 years. He says, 'It's a lovely little spot out in the country, so different to a town pub. When I saw it I knew I had to have it.
'There are some really beautiful walks so it's perfect for ramblers, cyclists and we even get a few motorcyclists enjoying the countryside - it's perfect for all of them.
'The location is everything but there are some really lovely people in the villages who pop in for a drink, a lot of the villagers are commuters.
'It's changed a lot since I moved here, it's become quite expensive but I have enjoyed every minute
of working here and when I retire, which I hope is next year, I'll
have lots of fond memories about the parish.'
Chairman of the parish council David Metcalfe, 59, brought up his family in Haultwick, a hamlet outside Dane End and has no plans to move. He says, 'It is a lovely parish, although we look after a few different places, they are all very small; Dane End is the main village.
'We came here 28 years ago to look around and fell in love with it, it's a very rural, old area and desirable place to live.
'We have a lovely house at the end of a lane, yesterday I looked over the fields to watch the sunset and a badger walked out in front of me. It doesn't get any better than here.
'It's wonderful and I enjoy helping the community and representing the people. I obviously have an interest in politics but I want to give something back to this fantastic area.
'One of the main attractions was what a prefect place it is to bring up children, the area is criss-crossed with footpaths that we could let our youngsters run off on.'

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