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PUBLISHED: 10:17 23 September 2011 | UPDATED: 20:02 20 February 2013

Jennie Dickenson at the Doric Dance Centre

Jennie Dickenson at the Doric Dance Centre

From the high kicks of the dance floor to the low sweeps of karate, both Cheshunt and Waltham Cross have something for everyone including our four-legged friends...

Care to dance?

Aspiring Anton du Beke or Erin Boag wannabes would greatly benefit from a visit to Doric Dance Centre.

Jennie Dickinson has spent many an evening dancing the night away at the venue which she has run since 2008.

The dance co-ordinator became involved with the club in 1983, a year after it opened under its current name, and worked for the previous owners before taking up the reins herself three years ago.

The centre is open seven days per week and caters for a wide range of dance styles and age groups, from children as young as five who attend the childrens classes on Saturday mornings to more experienced dancers, some of whom are in their 80s and who attend the clubs social nights.

It really is a lovely place for people to come, dance and just enjoy themselves doing something they really like, Jennie says. I really enjoy it; its such a good way to meet people and enjoy similar interests and we get lots of people here enjoying what we do and really improving their dancing abilities.

With dance shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and, of course, Strictly Come Dancing continuing to ride high in the television ratings, Jennie has seen membership numbers increase at the centre these past few years.

We have seen more people join, but I think where the TV shows help is that they attract younger people to the classes who may not have thought about coming before and they can learn dances like salsa, ballroom and Latin, Jennie adds.

And Im pleased they do come because we all have such a wonderful time. It used to be thought of as something older people do, but now were becoming more trendy.

Doric Dance Centre is located on High Street, Cheshunt.

Or a spot of karate?

Dancing is not the only entertainment in Cheshunt which requires the need for fancy footwork.

Steve Pell (5th Dan) runs Cheshunt Karate Club, which he formed in 1999 to teach the style of Shotokan karate which has an emphasis on character building as much as technique.

The club trains at the Rosedale Sports Club in Cheshunt on Tuesday evenings and at Goffs Oak JMI on Thursdays, and Sensei Pell has around 40 junior members and 20 adult members.

We teach the ethics of karate, Steve says. Things like discipline and character building, which are areas that are not just useful in karate but in todays society too.

We have a good mix of students, ageing from our juniors up to people in their 60s. Those in their 60s a 64-year-old man and 62-year-old lady have both just started this past year and they say theyve always wanted to try to do it.

They might not win competitions, but theyre not here for that and they are doing the best they can and are staying disciplined, they are making progress and theyre enjoying the great atmosphere we have at the club.

Its much more than just karate its also about building strength and its a good cardio-vascular workout which I think is another reason why people are taking it up.

You know, its something I hope my students enjoy but something they will not have to use.

Time for walkies!

Martina and Alex Robinson get their daily exercise in a very different way.

The couple run family business Happy Pet Services a professional pet walking and pet care service which covers Waltham Cross and Cheshunt in addition to a number of surrounding villages and towns.

The Robinsons have been in business since 2003, and enjoy nothing more than taking other peoples pets on long walks in all types of weather around south-east Hertfordshire.

I believe I have the best job in the world, Martina says.

We have worked as dog walkers and pet carers since 2003. We have cared for every breed of dog and understand their needs. And we love walking in any weather and know that dogs love it too!

The couple have a Bich-Poo (Bichon-Frise cross poodle) called Lola of their own, and have both been owners of dogs, cats, rabbits and fish down the years.

(Lola) enjoys meeting all the dogs in our care and mixes well with all breeds. She is the main reason we decided to set up our own dog walking business, says Martina.

We treat peoples pets as our own and we enjoy doing it its a fun job to have.

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