Hertfordshire Pantomimes 09

PUBLISHED: 14:23 17 December 2009 | UPDATED: 16:26 20 February 2013

Hertfordshire Pantomimes 09

Hertfordshire Pantomimes 09

LET'S face it, 2009 has certainly been a challenging year and there may well be a few folks out there in need of a Fairy Godmother or even a Magic Lamp to help change their luck.

LETS face it, 2009 has certainly been a challenging year and there may well be a few folks out there in need of a Fairy Godmother or even a Magic Lamp to help change their luck. Or maybe a barrel full of laughs and a good sing-along could be just whats needed to raise the spirits. Certainly there is nothing quite like a family panto to provide such fun, madness and magic in equal measure and for so many of us a trip to our local theatre is a must during the festive season. Once again our theatre community promise to please their audiences this winter with yet another spectacular pantomime programme that is chock-full of princes and villains, damsels and dames, witches and dwarves.


This more exotic of pantomimes sees our poor street urchin tricked by the evil Abanazar into retrieving a magic lamp from a dangerous and enchanted cave. But who will release the genie from the lamp and benefit from the lamps three wishes? Who wins the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine and gets to ride on a magic carpet? With the usual servings of great songs and slapstick, audiences can reacquaint themselves with this classic tale.

The Gordon Craig Theatre
Featuring Eastenders Nasty Nick as the evil Abanazar.
November 28 January 24, 08700 131030 or www.gordon-craig.co.uk

The Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishops Stortford
Magical effects featuring a professional cast and supported by the Graham School of Dance.
December 11 January 2, 01279 651746 or www.rhodesbishopstortford.org.uk

Wyllyots Theatre, Potters Bar
A show jam-packed with essential pantomime ingredients.
December 10 January 3, 01707 645005 or www.wyllyottscentre.co.uk

The Wizard of Oz

Join Dorothy and her little dog Toto as they head for the Emerald City to find the great wizard. Of course Dorothys journey wouldnt be complete without her travelling companions the Scarecrow, Tinman and the cowardly Lion. Enjoy one of pantos greatest tales of adventure as the friends search for a rainbow, follow a yellow brick road and do their best to escape the Wicked Witch of the West.

Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City

For a wonderful night of enchantment and featuring songs from the classic film version.
December 18 January 1, Campus West 01707 357117 and Barn 01707 324300 or www.barntheatre.co.uk


Prince Charming needs to find himself a bride and all the young ladies in the kingdom think they could be just what the handsome Prince needs, but for two ugly sisters this couldnt be further from the truth! However their pretty, kind step-sister Cinderella, kept in domestic slavery by her ghastly step-mother, really should go to the ball to meet her Prince but will she finish her chores on time and what on earth will she wear? Cue the Fairy Godmother, Buttons, pumpkins and mischievous mice in this all-time favourite.

Broxbourne Civic Hall

January 8-16, 2010, 01992 441946 or www.broxbourne.gov.uk/whatson

Milton Keynes Theatre
Starring Bobby Davro and Anthea Turner.
December 4 January 4, 0844 8717627 or www.ambassadortickets.com

The Harlow Playhouse
With Sandra Dickinson as the
Fairy Godmother
December 11 January 10, 01279 431945 or www.playhouse.com

Peter Pan

One of the best tales of fantasy to come to life on a stage and how better than in panto style. Children and adults alike love watching the mischievous Peter Pan as he takes the Darling children on a breathtaking adventure to Neverland. A colourful, magical romp full of mermaids, fairies and really evil pirates.

Broxbourne Civic Hall
Starring Christopher Villiers
as Captain Hook.
10 31 December, 01992 441946 or www.broxbourne.gov.uk/whatson

The Snow Queen

Hans Christian Andersens classic tale about a magic mirror that shatters into millions of pieces, one of which pierces the heart of a young boy and leads him to the mysterious Snow Queen who steals him and keeps him prisoner in her ice castle. Young Gerda, the boys childhood friend, misses him so much that she goes on an epic mission to find him, encountering witches, talking crows and reindeer to mention just some of the colourful and unusual characters that lead her to her friend. This heart-warming story of bravery and enduring friendship makes for an enchanting show.

The Market Theatre, Hitchin

This production apparently has several silly characters in it perfect!
Every Saturday from December 5 January 9, 01462 433553 or www.markettheatre.co.uk

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hi Ho! Poor Snow White becomes the innocent victim of her wicked step-mothers extreme vanity. Jealous of Snow Whites beauty she vows to be rid of her once and for all but our charming heroine narrowly escapes death and seeks refuge with a family of seven dwarfs, keeping house for them and winning their hearts and taming the local wildlife in the process. Of course that isnt the end of the tale as the cunning of her step-mother presents further danger for Snow White. But is there a Prince who will save her and will she finally live happily ever after?

Watersmeet, Rickmansworth
This magical performance promises dancers to rival Strictly Come Dancing.
December 11 January 3, 01923 711063 www.watersmeet.co.uk

St Peters Church Hall, Bushey Mill Lane, Watford
Great for all the family with plenty of laughs and the occasional custard pie!
January 28 January 30, 01923 226717

Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society, Castle Hall, Hertford
This popular group will be presenting a lively show with plenty of audience participation!
December 29 January 2, 01992 531500

The Radlett Centre, Radlett
Grumpy wont be grumpy for long and Dopey will be full of beans with this energetic production.
December 12 January 3, 01923 859291 or www.radlettcentre.co.uk

Kenneth Moore Theatre, Ilford, Essex
A lavish, fun-filled production.
December 17 January 23,
020 8553 4466 or

Jack and the Beanstalk

See poor hapless Jack sell his family cow for a handful of beans and suffer his mothers wrath. Then watch the fastest growing beanstalk of all time take Jack up, up into the clouds to the dwelling of the fearsome giant and the golden egg laying hen that Jack just has to have. But does he succeed in his quest for a better life or does the giant send him packing back down to domestic hardship or worse still does he become the giants dinner?! Classic panto frolics and fun to be had with this festive favourite.

The Court Theatre, Tring
This great traditional family pantomime performed by long-serving panto favourites Chuckles.
December 28 January 2, 01442 823130 or www.courtheatre.co.uk

Eric Morecambe Theatre, Harpenden Public Halls
A giant of a pantomime!
December 17 December 20,
01582 767525

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid lives under the sea with her sisters and her father the Sea King but she yearns for a life above the water where there are trees and warm sunshine. When a handsome Prince nearly drowns after his ship is destroyed in a storm, the Little Mermaid rescues him, falling desperately in love with him at the same time. The Little Mermaid employs the magic of a witch to help her be with the Prince but things dont go according to plan. This beautiful story by Hans Christian Andersen is a childhood favourite for many and a refreshing choice for pantomime.

The Alban Arena, Civic Centre, St Albans
Starring Sarah Jane Honeywell from Cbeebies and using state of the art
3D projection.
December 12 January 3, 01727 844488 or www.alban-arena.co.uk

Treasure Island

Here lies the tale of Billy Bones and a secret map marked with three red crosses. Will Billy get to the treasure first or will Long John Silver and his pesky parrot get there before him? For gripping swash-buckling action based on Robert Louis Stevensons classic story, this pantomime provides all the excitement and spectacle needed for some festive fun.

Abbey Theatre, St Albans
Dramatic and fresh take on this favourite by Phil Wilmott
December 17 January 2, 01727 857861

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