Wild water in Hertford

PUBLISHED: 16:10 15 February 2010 | UPDATED: 16:02 20 February 2013

Wild Water Racing

Wild Water Racing

Hertford will play host to the first Wild Water Race in Hertfordshire for 15 years on Saturday June 13.

At the top level Wild Water racing is one of the most exciting sports. Canoeists - including canoes and kayaks - race down stretches of rough flowing water having to tame the elements and beat the clock. But to get to the top paddlers have to start somewhere and Hertford is to host an entry level race which goes over the weir in Hertford Town Centre.

The course is 400metres long and starts at Hartham Pool, Hartham Lane, goes over the newly refurbished weir and ends at the confluence with the River Beane. Even though this is an entry level race, the paddlers will already need a lot of skill and experience in handling the boats.

Event organiser, James Perrier, explains, 'This is the first event we have run here and we are hoping to attract canoeists from around the region who want to try a different discipline. Anybody who is interested in knowing more about the sport should come down and watch the race, we will be only too willing to chat to them and advise them on how they can get involved. Hertfordshire has some really good facilities for canoeing and a number of very good clubs, where people of all ages can learn to canoe and receive coaching. Wild Water racing, is exciting, skilful and most of all great fun.'

In the future Wild Water Racing will a regular fixture in the Lee Valley at all levels when the new White Water Canoe Centre is completed but in the meantime race organisers are looking for venues throughout the region to give youngsters - and maybe the not so young - a chance to take up Wild Water Racing.

The event starts at noon, any local paddlers who wish to enter need to book in between 10 and 11am. For more information email j.perrier@ntlworld.com

For more information about Wild Water Racing Visit http://www.wildwater.org.uk/ or www.bcu.org.uk to find out more about canoeing.

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