How you can help Hertfordshire's wildlife

PUBLISHED: 10:01 18 February 2011 | UPDATED: 18:54 20 February 2013

How you can help Hertfordshire's wildlife

How you can help Hertfordshire's wildlife

The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust asks for your help

The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust explains why nature needs you...

This spring, the government will publish a White Paper on the Natural Environment. Its the first on the subject in decades and
the resulting legislation might have important implications for wildlife. The Wildlife Trusts are pushing for ambitious legislation encapsulating our Living Landscape vision, where making space for nature is a priority. Help us to put pressure on politicians to ensure the legislation has teeth write to your MP and outline these seven actions:

Restoring our natural environment. Seven actions The Wildlife Trusts want to see featured in the White Paper:

  1. Set out a new vision be ambitious about the restoration and recovery of the natural environment and all the systems which underpin it.

  2. Protect and enlarge core wildlife-rich areas value and conserve existing protected places such as Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) which lie at the heart of this new era for nature conservation. They cannot be allowed to be traded in or to erode.

  3. Put wildlife back on the map map out priority areas for restoration on a landscape scale. To create connections between core wildlife areas in the form of corridors and stepping stones to provide connectivity for wildlife across the landscape.

  4. Give wildlife room to manoeuvre set out policies and incentives which protect and maximise the value of areas already rich in wildlife. Expand and buffer these areas and make the wider landscape more wildlife-friendly.

  5. Restore natural processes such as flood protection, carbon absorption, crop pollination and water filtration, so they can operate to their full potential for people and wildlife. All are fundamental to our health, well-being and a successful economy.

  6. Ensure there is wildlife everywhere inspire every community to develop local solutions to the particular challenges for restoring nature in their area.

  7. Inspire a new type of partnership act together with central and local government, agencies, the private sector and voluntary bodies to inspire and enable cross-boundary co-operation. And support the voluntary sector in its delivery.

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