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PUBLISHED: 12:27 07 April 2015 | UPDATED: 12:27 07 April 2015

Tim Lightfoot, MD, The Three Tuns in Ashwell

Tim Lightfoot, MD, The Three Tuns in Ashwell


Tim Lightfoot, managing director of the Three Tuns pub, restaurant and guest rooms in Ashwell gives an insight into his business ethos

The Three TunsThe Three Tuns

How did you get started in business? I got started when the constraints of working for other companies became too restrictive. I felt I had ideas that I couldn’t implement, which was frustrating. I took the leap and opened my first pub with a friend in Ware in 2003. We had a great time turning a pub that was previously on its knees into the busiest pub in town.

What’s your motivation? It has always been to create an environment and deliver a product I’m proud of. I love pubs, the Britishness of them. The pub is an environment we as a nation are fundamentally happy in when it’s done right. To create a busy successful business out of nothing makes me very proud and hopefully a lot of customers happy! That motivates me on a daily basis.

Biggest challenges? Making it all work! There are many pieces to the puzzle; mainly getting the right team involved. Making sure we have done the research and got the offer right for the location. The ongoing challenges are being consistent and developing the offer around the demand locally with regular events to keep things interesting. This takes time and patience.

Most valuable lessons? Never lose your eye for detail. All the little things can add up, so keeping the team focussed on the details is vital. Remember what you represent to the locals; pubs are a vital part of our lives, so listening to your customers and meeting their needs is important. Keep a long term vision and try not to get bogged down in day-to-day problems.

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