Can you help Cassie find a new home?

PUBLISHED: 17:26 27 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:28 20 February 2013

Cassie enjoys an ice-cream to cool down

Cassie enjoys an ice-cream to cool down

After two years in kennels, Staffordshire bull terrier Cassie is desperate to find herself a new home.

Marie Hardingham, from Hertford, is proud mum to four rescue dogs and a volunteer helper for which is part of Rescue Remedies, who also run Here Marie appeals for your help and explains why delightful Staffordshire bull terrier Cassie would make the perfect pet.

Cassie is three years old and has been in kennels since she was 8-months-old when she was rescued from a staffy prejudice pound after being foundstray and due to be put to sleep.

She is a staffy cross lurcher and is a truly wonderfullittle lady with the most loving, gentle nature any dog owner could wish for. She has the most amazing piercing brown eyes and eyelashes any woman would be proud to flutter.

She is housetrained, loves other dogs and people alike and so loves her playtime; not surprising when she lived in kennels for most her life and that she only gets two to three walks a week with no paddock time.

She smiles a lot and loves loads. This girl is a real gem!

Cassie has a fairly strong chase drive for small furries but it has got much better over time and could easily be trained out of her with lots of lovely treat reward training, in fact, I would say her chase drive is no stronger than that of my own dogs, three of which, are staffy crosses.

She is staying with me and my partner and our four dogs in Hertford for a well-earned break from kennel life. She has mixed with our rescue dogs with no problems at all.

I took her to my dogs' local training class yesterday; Best Friends Training in Hertford run by Annette Scallywhere, would you believe it, in only one session she passed the Bronze training award so she is now officially a 'Best Friends' Bronze trained dog.

Like all staffies she loves human company but also enjoys being around other dogs so it would be wonderful for her to be rehomed with another dog. She has also proved she can live in a multiple dog household. An experienced dog handler is preferred for Cassie as bullbreeds can be quite headstrong.

Cassie is in the care of which is a registered dog rescue charity.They don't have their own kennels and rely solely on donations and the help of volunteers. If anyone wishes to make a donation they can do so by visiting any of the three websites I've listed.

Here is a link to Cassie's thread.

Please help Cassie is a wonderful little lady and deserves a loving home.

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