Emma Bunton: Spice up the ice

PUBLISHED: 00:15 17 March 2010 | UPDATED: 16:54 20 February 2013

L-R: Jason Gardiner, Karen Barber, Robin Cousins, Emma Bunton and Nicky Slater

L-R: Jason Gardiner, Karen Barber, Robin Cousins, Emma Bunton and Nicky Slater

She has done her fair share of dancing and performing as one fifth of The Spice Girls so does Emma Bunton have what it takes to be on the Ice Panel?

Obviously its nerve wracking for the celebrities to be facing a judging panel because theyve worked so hard during the week that they want a good response. But I think you generally have to just take that advice and go away and learn from it. Thats why I want to be constructive because people are coming on this show to learn a skill and to improve with it, so if Im not honest and constructive Im not doing them any favours.
Having played some of the worlds biggest arenas with the Spice Girls, Emma knows a thing or two about giving it your all and shell be keeping her eyes peeled for potential winners.
What Im looking for from the celebrities is a connection with the audience and a connection with the choreography. Chris and Jayne choreograph everything specifically for each couple so its really important to take that on board and have fun with it. Ive been given lots of choreography over the years and its the way you interpret it that can make all the difference. Ill also be looking at the performance in the contestants faces and their energy levels.
So whats it like to be at the studio instead of watching it at home?
Im a huge fan of the show and Ive always been a big fan of Torvill and Dean, they are still so amazing to watch. Im usually shouting at the telly when Im watching it at home so I might as well be there in the studio giving my two penneth worth instead, she grins.

RIGHT from the first programme, the not so Baby Spice Emma Bunton has added an element of fun to the latest series of ITVs Dancing on Ice.
Emma, a self-confessed Dancing on Ice fanatic, has taken over from Ruthie Henshall to join Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner and Nicky Slater on the panel of the series which brings back skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to share their expertise with another batch of celebrities.
The series is being filmed at Elstree Studios, not far from Emmas Hertfordshire home which she shares with boyfriend Jade Jones and their two-and-a-half-year-old son Beau.
When not enthusing at the muscles on the arms of the male contestants and the professional male skaters Emma, 34, is telling the ladies how beautiful they are. But thats not to say she is being too nice. By Week 4 the gloves were off and Emma stopped pulling any punches.
Im a very warm person but Im also very honest about what I like to see in a performance. So if I find something really exciting then Ill be jumping up and down, but equally if theres something Im not enjoying I will make that very clear. But hopefully Ill do it in a helpful way as opposed to just being negative like some people.
Could Emma possibly be talking about Dancing On Ices very own king of mean Jason Gardiner?
Ive known Jason a long time and hes been in a couple of my videos. I adore him, I think hes great but sometimes hes a bit negative in his feedback and thats what I dont like. So if hes negative rather than constructive then I will have to say something.
The main thing for me is I am a performer and I know how nerve-wracking it is for everyone, but you still have to put on a good show. Whether you fall over or whether you lose a piece of clothing, its all about putting on a show and you absolutely have to keep going.
Not only has Emma got her Spice Girls performances under her belt but she also finished third in the 2006 series of the BBCs Strictly Come Dancing so she knows what the celebrity skaters have let themselves in for.
She says, Even though Ive been doing it for a long time I get very nervous whenever I perform, but I would say use that energy and put it into your performance. I still get so nervous but when the adrenalin gets going I think it makes everything a bit more powerful. Without it your performance feels a bit whatever. You can feel it when people arent
that bothered.


  • Emma Lee Bunton born in Finchley, Barnet, on January 21, 1976 and grew up in Woodside Park

  • Attended St Theresas Roman Catholic primary school in Finchley, the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone and then studied drama at Barnet Technical College

  • Joined The Spice Girls in 1994, aged 18, and is nicknamed Baby Spice as the youngest in the group

  • Launched solo career in 2001

  • Competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2006

  • Son Beau Lee Jones, with boyfriend Jade Jones, born August 10, 2007

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