Jennie Bond’s BUPA challenge

PUBLISHED: 12:09 22 May 2014 | UPDATED: 10:15 27 May 2014

Jennie Bond running for BUPA

Jennie Bond running for BUPA

© Tom Dymond

Jennie Bond, who grew up in Hitchin before travelling the world as BBC Royal Correspondent, spoke to Hertfordshire Life about getting fit for the challenge of the BUPA 10k, which took place on Sunday.

Her job saw her constantly looking to keep abreast of royal movements, yet wind forward 11 years and Jennie is running in circles of an altogether different kind, as she prepared to take part in a Bupa 10k challenge last weekend.

It’s all a fair distance from her days as a student at St Francis College; she was as far removed from being the sporty type as you can get.

‘Oh I hated cross country running,’ she says. ‘I found it monotonous and absolutely draining! I can’t believe I’m back to running after all these days.’

Now back in her stride as a reborn exercise fanatic, she is fully behind a Bupa campaign which looks to get over-50s active.

‘We know from research that the over-50s age group is less inclined to exercise,’ she continues. ‘I’m 63 and am trying to prove the theory wrong, but it’s important we inform people and give them the belief to get out there and be active.

‘And it’s all about being realistic. My physio says, “Don’t be ridiculous you can’t go from completely cold turkey to being an athlete in three weeks.” So he recommends I run for five minutes, then if I feel like it walk for a minute.’

So, how did the preparations for the 10k go?

‘The most I did was nearly seven kilometres and I had to walk some of the way. But it was great and I felt really positive.’

In fact, she thinks she’ll continue running after the Bupa challenge: ‘I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I think I might! The buzz you get after running is so great and it doesn’t have to be terribly time consuming. I can’t stand sports that take over your life. I’ve too much life to live!’



Jennie Bond ranthe Bupa 10k on May 25 to inspire people to take on a new challenge as part of Bupa’s Your First Step Campaign. For more information about how Bupa can help you achieve your fitness goals, visit

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