How many Hertfordshire charities can you name?

PUBLISHED: 17:22 26 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:14 20 February 2013

Survey finds almost 70% of Hertfordshire residents are unable to name any local charities.

A survey of 151 Hertfordshire residents by Letchworth-based ActionPoint Marketing Solutions has shown a very low awareness of local charities, when residents were asked unprompted.

Awareness did increase significantly, however, when those interviewed were shown a list of charities, with nearly all (91%) being able to identify at least one of the named local charities.

The survey was conducted by ActionPoint in six Hertfordshire town centre locations on weekdays and weekends during August 2010.

The survey also showed that fewer than 10% of residents had donated 20 or more to a local charity over the previous 12 months, compared with 33% who had made donations to national charities. During the same period, 60% of local residents had either not donated or donated less than 20 to any charity.

Local charities can take some encouragement from the findings, however, as despite the current economic climate, 93% of those who made a donation to charities in the 12 months preceding the research are giving either the same as, or more than, the same period a year ago. One in five local residents interviewed, volunteer their time for a charity.

Following the aftermath of the banking crisis and Gulf of Mexico oil spill, residents were asked for their views on charities receiving donations from businesses. The vast majority of those interviewed (86%) believe that corporate giving is now an important source of income for charities which should be encouraged findings which no doubt will be welcomed by charities.

Penny Wylie, Director at ActionPoint, comments on the research, We carried out this preliminary survey on Attitudes to Giving to help us fine tune our Charity Monitor, which we will be launching in spring 2011. We hope these findings, although surprising, will be helpful to local Hertfordshire charities in planning their fundraising strategy into 2011.

A free copy of the research report is available on the ActionPoint website

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