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Column: Janey Lee Grace has stars in her eyes

PUBLISHED: 14:10 24 July 2010 | UPDATED: 15:01 20 February 2013

Janey has stars in her eyes

Janey has stars in her eyes

Not content with a simple visit to the cinema, Radio 2 presenter and Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace was lucky enough to get up close and personal with Hollywood's finest

Not content with a simple visit to the cinema, Radio 2 presenter and Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace was lucky enough to get up close and personal with Hollywood's finest

THE February weather for my family means trips to the movies. Hubby has promised himself 'I am Legend', and still awaits with anticipation this year for Quentin Tarantino to hurry up and make Kill Bill 3. My number 2 son celebrates his 8th and as a consolation for a winter birthday where he can't have a fabulous sunny party in the garden, I've worryingly opted to take 15 of his friends to the cinema - my contribution to reducing the world popcorn mountain.
The Golden Compass looked exciting, though I did feel I'd had the whole experience merely by looking at the poster! Just before it came out, Steve Wright packed me off to the press screening and to interview top acting operatives, the gorgeous Nicole Kidman, and the even more gorgeous Daniel Craig (yes girls, his eyes really ARE that steely blue).

All in a day's work
Now it just so worked out that I arrived at the junket - the mayhem that is major film stars holed up in flash hotels while the world's press and media fawn around them brandishing microphones - laden down with bags of cosmetics. Not just any cosmetics you understand, but a selection of the most gorgeously packed organic and mineral kind, fresh from a meeting with a lovely lady from a new Aussie company called Inika Cosmetics.
She was over from Sydney to promote her company to the UK market. Knowing how persuasive, and Imperfectly Natural, I am when it comes to convincing everyone to switch to 100 per cent natural alternatives to all their usual skincare, the rather canny Australian had slipped an extra bag of goodies into my hands and made me promise to try and give them to Nicole.
I wondered if she had any idea how protective of their stars the movie companies' agents and personal assistants are. Quite frankly the last thing Nicole's 'people' need is some journo handing over useless gifts to their 'top turns'. So it was with some trepidation that I entered the interview room and made a snap decision to risk the wrath of the coiffured 'gophers' by straying away from the subject of The Golden Compass for half a second in order to give Nicole something I knew she'd love.

Drop dead gorgeous
I'd heard that Nicole had a history of skin problems, but as I walked in and shook hands with her I have to say she looked pretty damn amazing to me, in fact drop dead gorgeous, if slightly pale. 'I've got mineral bronzer and the most amazing emerald green eyeshadow in decadent packaging right here', I ruminated. I took a deep breath, proffered the stylish bag and gabbled, 'I wonder if I can give this to you, it's some samples of gorgeous organic and mineral cosmetics from Inika who I think are already well known in Australia. It's not my company and I'm not on commission - they're just beautiful products'. I could sense a slight gasp of astonishment as everyone took in my audacity, but Nicole flashed me a glowing smile and said, 'How wonderful, is there a card in the bag so that I can get in touch?'
So there! And the interview was just fine and was broadcast on Radio 2 the following week. Steve Wright liked the way I'd 'warmed her up' with the girly gift. So if at any point Nicole you should decide to ditch that excessively big time cosmetic company and become the new face of Inika, my persuasive Aussie friend from the company will know who to thank.

Ladies' choice
I didn't try to offer Daniel Craig any make-up. It's cruel but true that as we woman get older we tend to need extra help while men just become more 'rugged'. The strikingly handsome Daniel didn't appear to need help in any department to me.
Talking of gorgeous guys, if you're planning to propose to yours this Valentine's night my best suggestion is to offset the occasion by a day or two. It's hopeless trying to compete with everyone else so just book one of Hertfordshire's fabulous eateries for the night before or the night after. On that note my current favourite and with locally sourced food is Lussmanns restaurant in both Hertford and St Albans.
Let me know your personal faves too.

Janey Lee Grace is a mum-of-four and lives in Hertfordshire. She is the author of Imperfectly Natural Woman and Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler.

Janey's tips and recommendations can be found at

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