Interview with publisher championing women authors

PUBLISHED: 15:15 05 September 2018 | UPDATED: 15:15 05 September 2018

Mindy says cultural conditioning often prevents women from sharing their stories with the world (photo: Gary Perlmutter)

Mindy says cultural conditioning often prevents women from sharing their stories with the world (photo: Gary Perlmutter)

Gary Perlmutter

We met publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein of St Albans who is championing female authors with a new women-only book collection

You founded Panoma Press and have now launched a new women-only imprint, Lioness. Tell us why.

Lioness has one clear mission – to create change through the ideas of its female authors. Filling the world with their passions, female authors will explore some of the most urgent issues on the planet, including social justice, gender and racial equality, climate change and much more.

What will the collection include?

Lioness’ inspiring collection will include practical guides, memoirs, and new ways of thinking about the issues that are most important to women globally. It is essentially a collection from women who ROAR!

Why women-only?

I am acutely aware of the opportunity that writing provides for women to stand up, share their experience and be heard. As the owner of an independent publishing company, I have always ensured that we provide the perfect publishing outlet for women, but I felt the time was right to create a specialist imprint with a sole focus on female empowerment. I was delighted to welcome Elana Sztokman, an award-winning author, and leading Jewish feminist to run this new venture.

Are there obstacles to women writing?

It tends to be a lack of confidence that stops women from writing. They are just as good as men, however don’t always believe in themselves. This often comes from cultural conditioning. Women also have fewer role models in non-fiction, since historically more men than women have published books in these genres. We are dedicated to redress the balance and give many opportunities to talented women with great stories to share.

Is this a good time for women authors?

Definitely. Elana and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create a legacy through a book, because it is the most personal and thoughtful gift anyone can give to the world. Lioness aims to channel even more energy into female writers, who, as stated above, are still in the minority. We plan to share the work of some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking females

on the planet, who have some really amazing stories to tell.

What can people read now?

Lioness unveiled its first book this year, Masala Mamas: Recipes and stories from Indian women changing their communities through food and love. It’s a vegetarian and kosher cookbook by 16 women who live in the Kalwa slum in Mumbai, India. These inspirational women are dedicating their lives to providing hot meals for school children. The cookbook celebrates women, social change, Indian culture, and most of all love. All through food! Most importantly, all profits are going back into the project, helping even more women and children.

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