Janey Lee Grace: An itchy subject

PUBLISHED: 14:15 24 July 2010 | UPDATED: 14:48 20 February 2013

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace

Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace shares her thoughts on a childhood pest and a better way to work out

NOW I know it's an unsavoury subject but just for a sec I want to talk head lice - yep, nasty crawly nits, I know you'll be itching just reading this. I was quite proud of myself that my kids reached the age of seven and eight without being infested but sure as eggs is eggs it had to happen.

Head lice have been around since the dawn of 'hairiness'. It's not as some people think confined to 'long haired muck monsters'- the little beasts don't really care whose shiny locks they take as prisoner. There are many special shampoos available but personally I'd avoid them all. They contain toxic chemicals that even head lice don't deserve. There are some gentler chemical-free versions such as Biz niz shampoo and the wonderful Neem Oil preparations available in some of Hertfordshire's excellent health shops, but one of the problems is that the nits often re-infest almost immediately.

My absolute top tip is got to www.nits.net - get a Bug Buster comb, grab a magnifying glass and follow religiously their de-lousing regime - the secret's all in the timing. Adults aren't immune either as my friend found out to her cost when she had to spend many a romantic evening with her husband combing the nits out of her luscious red locks.

When it comes to gaining weight and everything going south I have finally accepted that a girl really does have to move her butt. I've been putting it off for ages because quite frankly I hate exercising and can't abide getting hot and sweaty but recently I've joined not one, but two gyms. Now before you say that's just silly I'll tell you why. Firstly I wanted to swim and do some yoga (nothing too strenuous you understand) and also to have somewhere to go with the family, so Next Generation near Hatfield was the perfect solution. As a family we play tennis - badly - and I do yoga while the boys are in the kid's gym. In truth I still had a total aversion to actually 'working out' until a girlfriend in Manchester told me about Curves - a gym for women. Specially designed equipment provides all five necessary components - warm-up, aerobic exercise, strength training, cool down, and stretching using hydraulic resistance, wrapped up in a 30-minute workout all done to music.

Well I wasn't about to let Manchester win over Herts so I looked around and sure enough there are five across the county and though I can't yet claim a toned physique I am managing to make it three times a week and for me that's pretty impressive. Well worth a go. If anyone tries it out, let me know how you get on.

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Article taken from September issue of Hertfordshire Life

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