Janey Lee Grace: Chase your dreams

PUBLISHED: 08:33 25 July 2010 | UPDATED: 14:59 20 February 2013

No run-of-the-mill resolutions for our Janey Lee Grace

No run-of-the-mill resolutions for our Janey Lee Grace

Forget half-hearted New Year's resolutions - Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace has more creative ideas up her sleeve for 2008

THIS year, somehow I felt I just had to break the spiral of the un-fulfilled New Year's resolutions list. It was getting to a stage where all I had to do was dig out last year's list, because as sure as eggs is eggs, I wouldn't have been able to tick anything off! The title of all my books and website and 'schtick' is Imperfectly Natural after all - that's kind of having my organic cake and eating it.
I know a fantastic lady who runs a small school called Nature Kids near Essendon (www.naturekids.co.uk) who speaks of the importance of children 'finding their flame' in life. Well yes, even for us grown ups the hard bit is working out exactly what it is that really does inspire us and will 'light our flame' - what do we really want? So this year, I think I'll trade my long list for just that one question.

Make a wish
There are whole libraries of books on achieving your dreams and manifesting what you want, and I'll bet someone has loaned you the best selling book 'The Secret'. A popular theory is that we should view affirmations as a 'workout' for our mind in the same way you'd go to a gym and work out. If you stop, the muscles get weaker...the same thing applies, we need to think positively, work out what we want and 'affirm' it regularly. If you hate the word 'affirmation' just call it 'wishing'.
The next thing is to visualise what you want to happen - set out your goals or place an 'order' for what you want. It is very important to be specific - there is an old saying that reminds us to be careful what we wish for because it may just come true. Have you heard of the guy who spent his life climbing the ladder to success only to find when he reached the top the ladder had been pitched against the wrong wall - he didn't really want what he thought he wanted at all. Don't vaguely say 'I want to be a millionaire' - that's unlikely to happen. Instead, state how you want to make your money. Remember too it needs to be for the 'highest good of all concerned', so there's no point asking for a million pounds from a successful bank robbery!
It's okay to dream a little and be creative with your 'wish list' and I know it sounds a bit barking but honestly it works!
So it's as easy as that? Well yes, but have it rooted in reality - it's probably not for everyone's highest good for you to put all your intentions into marrying Tom Cruise, especially if he's already taken, but within reason and with a little reality anything is possible.

Use your imagination
I'm also going to try creating a 'Treasure map' in the style of 'Blue Peter', scissors, sellotape, glue, felt pens etc. I'll put a smiley photo of me in the centre, then around it stick pictures and symbols that I've either drawn or cut out from magazines. I'm told this really works and I can be totally creative and use pictures and photographs that symbolise whatever you'd like in your life - bizarre and colourful is fine - and I can include phrases or words that 'fit the picture'. It's important not to be self-limiting but let your imagination run wild! When you've covered all the areas of your life and represented all of your dreams and goals write clearly on the map, 'These things or something better now manifest in harmonious ways for the highest and greatest good of all concerned'. Cosmic eh?

Great for kids
Treasure maps are a great thing to do with even very young children to really inspire them to think about what they want and to affirm positive images and dreams. It's fantastic to introduce children to this early on in life so that when they're finding their way as teenagers and adults they'll already be used to 'harnessing the power' of their own mind.
So having gee-ed you up I'm off to cut out pics of best selling authors and write a description of a very snugly bed - the kids aren't babies anymore and some sleep wouldn't go amiss this year...

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