Janey Lee Grace: Living life the natural way

PUBLISHED: 14:17 24 July 2010 | UPDATED: 14:47 20 February 2013

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace shares the daring details of how her latest photo shoot became, quite literally, natural

PLEASE congratulate me - I've given birth again - well not literally, but my new book Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler is out and it really is a bit like the delivery of another offspring.

Firstly you've planned it with precision - probably far more precision than the planning of my own babies in truth. Then you've spent many months trying to get it right (that one is slightly more fun with the actual babies).

Once you've 'conceived' or 'written' it, you've then got about nine months while you wait for delivery. Once the due date arrives, you're exhausted and delighted all at once, but that's where the similarity ends. With the actual baby, people descend on you from near and far showering you with flowers and gifts for the child and you're congratulated even by strangers. When your precious book is delivered, even though it really is your 'baby' and so close to your heart, well, no-one notices really. Still, I toasted its arrival with a glass of organic Champagne - cava technically - and I'm delighted to say it's now doing well.

The publicity agent for the book decided it would be a good idea if I had some shots that reflected 'literally' my natural/eco approach to everything. A photographer came up with a really creative suggestion to take a shot of me naked surrounded by lots of natural products. Mmm...that sounded worrying, I had visions of me looking as though I'd streaked across a health shop and slipped among the delivery of vitamins and rice cakes, I didn't fancy it. Fortunately what was intended was a tasteful image of me with 'parts' delicately covered by fruit, veg and all manner of things natural and eco.

It happened to be a freezing cold May day - yes one of the few, and I had to lurk starkers in a dressing gown behind a very leafy tree in my thankfully not overlooked garden. On call, I had to drop the dressing gown and peek out from behind the tree brandishing a bottle of eco laundry liquid and a lemon. Honestly I was terrified it would look like something from 'readers wives' so we knocked the idea on the head before I shivered to the bone and frightened the helicopters circling overhead (in truth, just a neighbours lawnmower but I was convinced the cavalry had been called).

I should say at this point the photographer was also a woman. She then suggested I sit naked indoors festooned in ivy, bamboo and bits of old twigs (don't comment) and fruit placed strategically, naturally taking extreme care which bit of 'fruit and veg' went near which 'part'. That worked much better, but really I'm not cut out for nude modelling - thank goodness for the digital age and computer programmes that can alter the images. Girls - if only we could just air-brush out a bit of our bum in real life.

Article taken from June issue of Hertfordshire Life

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