Janey Lee Grace: Make a natural choice

PUBLISHED: 14:13 24 July 2010 | UPDATED: 14:52 20 February 2013

There are natural alternatives to antiperspirants

There are natural alternatives to antiperspirants

Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace leads the fight against potentially harmful toxins that have become a part of life

I READ with interest Vicki Adkins' heartwarming piece in October's Hertfordshire Life, telling the tale of her amazing fundraising ventures for breast cancer sufferers. I speak at events around the UK on holistic issues and often women have come up to me and said, 'I've had breast cancer', and then told me how the experience has made them keep up their crusade of reducing the potentially toxic chemicals in their lives.

Many women have told me their oncologists have advised against using regular deodorants and air fresheners but don't always know the best natural alternatives. This is where I come in. Since writing my first book it has become my absolute passion to pass on to anyone who's interested my rather evangelical message. Of course I don't believe any one can of air freshener or deodorant will cause cancer or indeed any other debilitating condition, but I do believe the accumulative effects of the hundreds of potentially toxic synthetic chemicals in our personal care products and cleaning equipment probably will.

The excellent news is there is now a 100 per cent natural alternative to just about everything. I was asked a couple of weeks back to comment on Jeremy Vine's show on Radio 2 about natural deodorants, in response to a news story claiming deodorants are not safe for cancer patients due to high levels of aluminium. My stance is that regular deodorants and antiperspirants can contain not just aluminium but a cocktail of other unwanted stuff such as parabens, preservatives, synthetic perfumes, alcohol and petro chemical substances.

The interesting thing is many people don't realise that by using an 'antiperspirant' we're actually stopping our clever bodies from doing their natural work - i.e. regulating our body temperature and expelling a small amount of toxins. In fact it's not the sweat that smells, it's when bacteria forms that we get whiffy, so rather than blocking the pores and masking the smells with chemical perfumes, it's a much better idea to eat well, use natural skincare products generally (beeswax soaps for example) and use a natural deodorant such as a crystal deodorant made of mineral salts (they've been used for thousands of years in Thailand). They leave a fine layer of salt on the skin that inhibits the growth of bacteria. They're cheap, 100 per cent natural, not tested on animals and environmentally friendly. Oh, and a top tip - they work great on zits too.

If you want to think about your immediate environment too and replace some of your toxic cleaning products, I can't recommend highly enough Hertfordshire company Natural Clean. Felicia and Krysta set up this company because they were concerned about the use of chemicals around their young children. Their range is 100 per cent plant-based and kind to your skin and the planet (www.naturalclean.co.uk).

Article taken from October issue of Hertfordshire Life

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