Janey Lee Grace: The summer pests

PUBLISHED: 14:17 24 July 2010 | UPDATED: 14:48 20 February 2013

Hertfordshire Life columnist Janey Lee Grace shares her tips for warding off summer pests

THE days are getting warmer and, casting clothing aside for a second, have you noticed (the guys will have) that despite the warnings, tanned scantily clad girls still seem to be everywhere.....but so are the insects.

My eight-year-old delightedly spent most of last summer telling his friends about the massive 'mosquito bite' on my bum - he knew about it because I moaned loudly and itched for a week.

A bit of research was needed for natural prevention and I now realise it's good to keep your B vitamin levels topped up. Also for bites, a great thing to have to hand is a bottle of 'Instant Relief' from Sensitive Skincare Company and the homeopathic remedy 'apis' is incredible. Take one pillule if you're bitten and it'll help stop you itching.

To ward off the flies and wasps don't even think about using aerosol 'sprays' - they contain a hair-raising number of scary synthetic chemicals. Essential oil of Citronella is meant to work but I must say I have still had many an al fresco meal ruined by wasps walking all over my local Herts Farmers' Market salad and boozily crawling into my glass of organic wine. I'd be delighted to hear your top tips. (Preferably natural and environmentally friendly of course - albeit Imperfect!)

Talking of 'organic food and wine' I popped in an appearance on BBC Breakfast News last month commenting on the rise in consumer spending on Organic food and skincare products, according to a recent Mintel report. I'm a bit cautious of the word 'organic' - it has become slightly trendy and over-used.

Let's face it, in war-time, though most would think 'recycling' meant getting back on your bike after falling off, people were actually far more eco friendly than we are today.

They ate local seasonal organic food without thinking about it - because it was grown in their own garden and there simply wasn't the pesticides and chemical fertilisers available.

Fortunately we have excellent farmers markets around Hertfordshire. There you'll find local produce that may not have an organic certification but is as pure as you'll get.

I would love to hear about some of the delights of your local farmers' market so please get in touch and let me know..

Email janey@imperfectlynatural.co.uk

Article taken from July issue of Hertfordshire Life

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