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Keep your pets safe from Fireworks on November 5th

PUBLISHED: 11:35 01 November 2010 | UPDATED: 10:31 21 February 2013

Keep your pets safe from Fireworks on November 5th

Keep your pets safe from Fireworks on November 5th

From Bonfire Night to New Year celebrations, every year thousands of animals suffer as a result of fireworks being let off...

From Bonfire Night to New Year celebrations, every year thousands of animals suffer as a result of fireworks being let off.

And every year Wood Green Animal Shelters receive an increasing number of calls for advice from owners wanting to protect their pets.

The charity is urging responsible pet owners to keep their animals safe from fireworks.

Eight-year-old Aiden arrived at the Godmanchester Shelter last month with a history of barking and shaking during fireworks. He is already strongly effected by the noises in the kennels and climbs the kennel walls because he is scared. Over fireworks night, staff will find Aiden a nice foster home so he can seek comfort in his bed with his favourite toys and bedding.

Three-year-old Rolo is one of many guinea pigs at the Godmanchester Shelter who will be exposed to fireworks this year. Because he is blind, Rolo is likely to be even more scared than his guinea pig friends. Staff will ensure all our guinea pigs are tucked away in their sheds with lots of extra bedding to burrow in so they can feel safe from the sound and sight of fireworks.

Kittens Manakin, Manflu, Mango, Makind and Manwell arrived at the Godmanchester Shelter a few days ago. Having grown up on a farm they are not used to being handled by humans or any human noises and it is likely they will be frightened over the fireworks period. To ensure they feel safe and secure, staff at the Shelter will ensure there is some relaxing music playing in their cattery and they are distracted with one of their favourite cat nip toys.

Head of Animal Welfare Shelley Wooding said:

Fireworks can be scary for all animals and it is therefore important pet owners create stress free, calming environments where their animals can feel safe and secure.

If you have field animals then male sure they are in their familiar environments and in their normal routines.

Try and stay at home with cats and dogs butignore fearful behaviour as soothing can give animals the impression something is wrong. Instead let your pet find their own safe place to lie and keep them distracted with a favourite toy or blanket.

Finally, dont forget small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, rats and hamsters.

If they live outside, make sure their cages, pens and aviaries are partly covered with blankets so they have a sound-proofed area and give them plenty of extra bedding which they can burrow in and feel safe.

If you really want to hold your own firework party then ensure you alert your neighbours to the date and time of the event so that they can take steps to reduce the stress to their pets.

Hold the event as close to 5th November as possible so that fireworks are not being let off for a prolonged period of time.

Look out for low noise, pet friendly, quiet or environmentally friendly fireworks, but be aware that even these can still be frightening for animals.

A good way to celebrate 5th November is to go to a large organised display this will reduce the number of fireworks being let off in the area and help to reduce the stress for local pets.

Organised events are also likely to be safer than doing it yourself and, more often than not, they are likely to be run by community based organisations who would welcome your support.

If you are an owner of fearful animals look out for advertising of these events and get yourself prepared.

To read our top tips, visit www.woodgreen.org.uk

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