My Herts Life: midwife Helen Wilson

PUBLISHED: 12:29 16 December 2014

Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson


While you are tucking in to a fifth mince pie and pondering another glass of bubbly, Lister Hospital midwife and mother of two Helen Wilson will be looking after expectant mums and helping newborns into the world. She talks to Kiran Reynolds about the joys of delivering babies at Christmas

Midwifery team Stacey Bogusz, Charlotte Easton, Therese Witham, Evie McKay, Helen Wilson and Jen ClarkMidwifery team Stacey Bogusz, Charlotte Easton, Therese Witham, Evie McKay, Helen Wilson and Jen Clark

What attracted you to midwifery?

Supporting my best friend during the birth of her baby boy was an amazing experience. I had thought about midwifery prior to that but it was then that I decided to help and support other women during the magical and life-changing event of giving birth. That was eight years ago. I started my career at QE2 in Welwyn Garden City but moved over to Lister when the two maternity wards amalgamated three years ago.

You will be working over the Christmas period – what’s the atmosphere like?

It’s a really nice festive atmosphere. 

The hospital halls are decked with holly and baubles so you get a really warm feeling when you come to work on the ward.

And how about Christmas Day?

Like any other day it is very busy but my colleagues and I are a really close-knit team, almost like family, so it’s nice to be around them on Christmas Day. Everyone brings something to share such as mince pies and cheese and biscuits. We also give presents out to all the newborn babies on the ward and it’s really touching when a mother has given birth and can take her baby home shortly afterwards on Christmas Day.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

I enjoy the buzz of coaching women through their labour and giving them the confidence to know they can get through it. And seeing the faces of new parents light up when then they meet their babies for the first time is really rewarding. To share those precious first moments with them – it’s really a special time.

Do you get to spend time with your family on Christmas Day?

If I am working the morning shift I will finish at 3pm and then go home for Christmas dinner with family and friends. Last year we entertained a party of 12 people but somehow we managed to work around it! Luckily my husband is a good cook so he prepared the turkey. I did help with the vegetables on Christmas Eve. The first thing my children do when I arrive home is open their Christmas presents. If I’m working the evening shift, we will open presents and have dinner earlier. 
It’s a great feeling to come home and celebrate knowing you’ve helped to bring new life into the world on such a special day.

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