Q&A: Carla Poole from Hertfordshire Macmillan Cancer Support

PUBLISHED: 17:32 29 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:14 20 February 2013

Carla Poole

Carla Poole

Hertfordshire fundraising manager for Macmillan Cancer Support, Carla Poole, tells Louise McEvoy about the charity's centenary celebrations next year, her love of Letchworth Garden City, and what gives her a real sense of pride

How and why did you first get involved with Macmillan?
Members of my close family have been looked after by Macmillan in
the past, which made me want to be involved. For a number of years
I raised money through events and collections before I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time job with the charity I love so much.

How long have you been in the job and what does it involve?
Since 2007. I work closely with Macmillan supporters, businesses and organisations, and councils and MPs to help raise awareness and funds. I organise events, including the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning, and the Welwyn office I am based at organises other events, including two charity walks.

What do you most/least enjoy about your work?
It gives me a great sense of pride knowing I am making a huge difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. I sometimes get frustrated that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. There are only two paid members of staff who do all the fundraising for the entire county, which can leave resources limited. We have a wonderful network of volunteers who help us, but are always looking for more people to volunteer.

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about Macmillan?
We are the only cancer charity offering a range of services to all people living with all types of cancer and support people all the way through a cancer journey, Because of the vast range of services we offer there is always a way for us to help improve a life. We are here for everyone, including those around the patient.

Are there any upcoming fundraising events readers can get involved in?
Next year we are celebrating 100 years of Macmillan. We would love people to be part of our celebrations and organise an event for us. We are also asking 1,000 companies to raise 1,000 each to help us reach another 1,000 people living with cancer.

How else can people help?
Volunteering is a fantastic way to support people living with cancer, from helping at our fundraising events and collections, to assisting in our fundraising office, to offering advice at one of our information centres.
We need support with our fuel poverty campaign, visit www.macmillan.org.uk/campaigns

In your professional capacity, if you could have one wish granted what would it be and why?
It is estimated that by 2020 four million people in the UK will be living with cancer. My one wish would be to raise enough money to support every one of those people in the way they need.

Where do you live and what do you most like about the area?
I live in Letchworth Garden City with my fianc Ashley and our cat Snazzy. I grew up and went to school there. I have always been very proud I was born and raised in the World's First Garden City, and love to tell people about the heritage and history of the town.

How would you spend a perfect day in Hertfordshire?
My perfect day would be spent relaxing in the beautiful countryside. I have visited many parts of the world and can honestly say that when I take time to look at our lovely green fields, open spaces and scenery, there is not a place I have been to that is better or has more to offer.

For more about supporting Macmillan, call 01438 712012.

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