Royal wedding street parties bring Herts together

PUBLISHED: 10:36 09 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:19 20 February 2013

Royal wedding street parties bring Herts together

Royal wedding street parties bring Herts together

It seems now the dust has settled after a day of celebrating the royal wedding, Hertfordshire residents are enjoying new-found friendships and a greater sense of community.

Now that the dust has settled after a day of celebrating the royal wedding, Hertfordshire residents are enjoying new-found friendships and a greater sense of community.

The county council received more than 300 street party applications and council leader Robert Gordon said, 'We've had some really heart-warming messages from residents about how their royal wedding street party has made their community blossom.'

As the council is receiving a steady stream of emails and photos from residents keen to share their experiences, it has started putting some of the pictures up on its facebook site - - so that everyone can get an idea of the range of celebrations and a discussion forum on our facebook page so residents can share memories and plan for future community activities.


A selection of just some of the comments received from residents:

Richard Curry from Bushey: 'Good fun was had by all. A lot of new friends were made and neighbours met - some for the first time despite living in the same street for many years!'

Larry Griffiths from Sarratt: 'We had a good street party, nearly everyone living on the lane attended. It certainly fostered our community spirit, and made sure all the neighbours got to know each other.'

Aletheia Mashiri from Hitchin: 'Residents young and old, from different continents enjoyed a great time together celebrating the marriage of William and Catherine and our lives together in this, our Great Britain.'

Linda Atkins from Potters Bar: 'Everyone had a wonderful day and it gave us all the opportunity to enhance what was already a close knit community. We are all now planning and looking forward to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee when we will do it all over again.'

Anna Groom from St Albans: 'We had a fantastic day. It brought everyone together. Many of the occupants of our road have lived here for decades (our longest standing resident moved here in 1936!). It was a great opportunity for young and old and all those in between to celebrate the Royal Wedding but more importantly to come together as a community.'

Victoria Byrne from Broxbourne: 'Our street party held to celebrate the Royal Wedding was a fantastic day, a huge success a great chance to get to know others in our road and above all a momentous occasion.'

Kay Adam-Smith from Hertford: 'It's made a lovely, friendly street even nicer!'

Lynda Clarke from Potten End
: 'The party provided an opportunity for residents who have lived here since the houses were built and new people who had recently moved in to get to know each other, which would have been difficult otherwise. Although Potten End is a very friendly place, we were surprised how many people we had not met before - we plan to do something similar next year.'

Louise Neal from Bishop's Stortford: 'It's great to know we have such great neighbours around us. The party succeeded in bringing the street community together, to celebrate a very special occasion and provide a lasting memory for all who joined in!'

Simon McCutcheon from Ashwell
: 'The party itself was well attended and everyone in the close joined in. It was a great way for the whole close to get together and relax in each others company, we all know each other a lot better now and have already discussed making the Fordham Close street party an annual event.'

Ann Laffeaty from Chorleywood: 'My family and I have lived here for 15 years but at the party we met several close neighbours who we didnt even recognise. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the Royal Wedding while making new friends at the same time.'


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